A Special Look & Poster of ‘The Lion King’ is Here!

The Lion King

“Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”

As we’re inching closer to the release date of Disney’s upcoming film, The Lion King, we get more and more information and sneak peeks of this highly anticipated film released!

If you were an Oscar viewer, you might have seen a special look of the film (which can be viewed below).

In the special look, the infamous beginning of “The Circle of Life” is played throughout. We see all the animals gathering for the welcome of little Simba (which by the way, CGI Simba is the cutest and purest thing in all the land and I will protect him). A little lion cub’s paw adorably doesn’t fit into a much bigger paw print – which I can only imagine is Simba and Mufusa – queue the symbolism!

There’s a glimpse of CGI Rafiki, the Simba sneeze, and overall what looks to be a shot-for-shot re-imagining of the animated opening!

Released alongside the special look is a new poster, featuring a young Simba and Mufusa as they’re looking out at their kingdom, and at what Simba will one day rule.

What did you think of this new special look teaser trailer as well as the poster?

Is there a certain CGI Lion King character that you’re really excited to see? For this writer, I’m really intrigued to see how Timon and Pumba look.

Credit: Disney Press Release