‘Shadowhunters’ Cast Discuss Filming in Paris


Nothing like having the Eiffel Tower be your backdrop.

Watched Shadowhunters3.12: “Original Sin” and wonder what it was like for the cast to film in Paris? Well then keep on reading!

As we saw in that episode, Clary and Jonathan spend the entire episode in the lovely “city of love” itself, Paris, France! And in true authentic fashion, the cast actually filmed in the beautiful city for 2 weeks according to director, Matt Hastings (pictured to the right with the cast)!

“Shooting in Paris was certainly no hardship,” Katherine McNamara says in the video. Luke Baines even hilariously adds on his character Jonathan,

“There were some really surreal moments of being on set and looking up and seeing the Eiffel Tower, one of the most beautiful sights in the world, and then having to cry and scream about opening a rift to hell.”

You can certainly tell from both this behind the scenes video and the episode itself how much fun the cast and crew had filming in the beautiful city. And how gorgeous was the Eiffel Tower in the scenes?!

You can watch the full behind the scenes video below.

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Credit: Freeform