REVIEW: Siren – 2.07: “Entrapment”


Maddie’s subconscious protective eyes the second Nicole walked in the room

With “Entrapment” being the penultimate episode before Siren’s mid-season/spring finale, it certainly sets up our characters and their story-lines in a nice little bow – only I’m sure to be ripped to shreds come the finale episode. Also this episode might as well be titled, “I Know What You Did On the Boat Last Season,” since that’s basically what happened.

The Past Comes Back to Haunt You: Or it can just get caught in a fishing net. That’s exactly what happens with Sean McClure’s body. This leaves Ben, Xander, Carl, and even Chris in a bad spot. Last season, Sean was deemed a “lost at sea” situation. Now that his body’s found and with an autopsy confirming he was stabbed prior to, the guys have to scramble to figure out a solution to resolve this. I was really surprised to be so intrigued by this story-line! Throughout this season, I’ve been more focused (and fangirling) over the mer-folk coming into town, the family/mermaid history that goes along with that, and of course the Bryndie relationship. Honestly, I think I completely disregarded Carl’s (and to some extent Xander’s) interactions because he’s just been so against the mermaids, but understandably of course.

Having the guys be forced into a prison cell to get their story straight for Sean, really forced the group to sort out their differences. Sure, none of them were aligned in their story, so they looked like fools to the Feds – but at least they’re all friends now? Not to mention also aligned in helping save the oceans and their sea creatures. They should be giving thanks to a certain little mermaid, if only they knew she was the reason they were freed.


If I trusted Nicole, I think this would make me have a new ship.

Hook, Line, and Sinker: The additional momentum that pushed this episode forward was the reveal of Nicole’s true intentions! She works for the military and has been assigned to report any information on the mermaids and whoever is involved. This of course begs the obvious question: throughout this season, has she grown to love Xander? Or was he just a ploy in her plan? A part of me wants to say the latter, but I couldn’t help but notice the gentleness she gave Ryn this episode. She never forced Ryn to go with them and for all we know, told Ryn the truth. And thinking about this from Nicole’s point of view, maybe she’s a scientist like Decker that generally wants to learn more about mermaids. “Like Ben and Maddie?” Ryn even asks. You could say that, with the entire military behind her. This story-line will ultimately be the catapult into S2B, so what do you think will happen? I definitely think Ryn will go with Nicole to fufill her end of the bargain, but I think anything can happen in terms of what the military has in store.


Obligatory Raddie scene. Thank you!

Honorable Mention – Whosits and Whatits Galore: Also known as the brief relationship bits in this episode and the mermaid cave! Right off the bat, we see the changes in effect between Dale and Susan. He graciously paid the first couple months on an apartment for her, and they went their separate ways. Do you think we’ll see her anytime soon? Or could she fade into Bristol Cove abyss (I actually don’t think any character has mysteriously left the show yet?). I think for the time being she’ll be understandably pushed to the side. But as things die down in the town or perhaps everyone finds out about mermaids, we’ll see her again.

In typical Siren fashion these days, we got a lovely Ryn and Maddie scene. Maddie, devastated over Ben being locked up in jail, breaks down. Ryn sees this, learns what’s going on, and turns to Nicole to save Ben! She cares that deeply about her significant others, guys! I’m definitely going to miss this trio in their potential and possibly inevitable departure.

Another couple we got a brief moment of was Sarge and Helen! She saved him from falling off the cliff (’cause female humans are just as badass as their mermaid counterparts), which lead them to discover the mermaid cave! I was fascinated with the mermaid markings/drawings! I just always love the history and mythology behind these sea creatures in this show. Turns out throughout time, mer-folk have wanted to make peace with humans and work as one! Yes, more of this please. Seeing how Katerina even worked with her mer-family in this episode, I think we’re slowing seeing the mer-folk work in understanding the humans. But that begs the question: will the rest of the humans do the same?

What were your thoughts on 2.07 “Entrapment”?

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The spring finale of Siren, 2.08: “Leverage,” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform.

A promo for it can be seen below.

“They’ll bring the cameras, we’ll give them a show.” I think I’m going to absolutely love next week’s finale! I always love episodes where events or dances take place – so much of the unexpected can happen! Also, I don’t know why, but I love Ben’s line, “we’ve got mermaids, with blow torches.” I don’t know what sort of plan our mer-gang is conducting, but I’m here for it!

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