REVIEW: Siren – 2.06: “Distress Call”


Ryn’s first one-on-one talk with her future in-law went well.

There are so many things in this episode of Siren that I absolutely adored. As the mid-season comes closer, story-lines have to be resolved (or in some cases introduced) for the next batch of episodes. I’m already curious how they’re going to resolve things.

Last week, the episode ended with Ryn killing Glen in order to protect Maddie and Susan. Now Dale has to get involved in order to clean up the mess, and you know that no matter how well he can make Glen’s death look like an “accident,” I have a feeling the truth will eventually be revealed. But let’s not focus on that right now. What I will mention is that I was so captivated by Ryn and the Bishops story-line. As mentioned, we saw the return of Dale where, yes he covered for Ryn, but we also had several great scenes between Dale and Ryn. He took her home – which by the way, the dialogue of Maddie saying her and Ryn share an apartment with the follow-up of Dale saying, “Okay, looks like we’re going to be talking about that later,” was gold! – where she filled her in on what actually happened in the hotel room (Glen attacked Maddie, Ryn stepped in), and it was really sweet.

I tweeted this last night, but I just love how people generally are always so gentle with Ryn in explaining things. Dale explained the situation to her, saying that sometimes she needs to think before doing things (which we’ve seen firsthand, they don’t do), and it is never an appropriate time to kill someone. He never made her feel less than or bad for understanding things. In fact he thanked her for saving Maddie’s life. Well that’s because “Maddie is love,” Dale. Speaking of, you know I have to talk about that Raddie development in “Distress Call.”

This show is just spoiling me with Raddie at this point.

When we started seeing the relationship between Ryn, Maddie, and Ben evolve into a polyamorous relationship over the past couple of episodes, I will admit, I was curious to see how the more intimate scenes were going to occur. But I think going the route where each pairing gets scenes together (Maddie/Ryn, Ben/Maddie, Ryn/Ben) only pushes the sentiment that they have an unbreakable bond and a true connection between the three of them. Plus I think with Raddie scenes in particular it further emphasizes that this isn’t a love triangle, but a full blown relationship. But in regards to the Ryn and Maddie scenes, my heart always swells twice the size whenever I see these two interact romantically; I’ve wanted a queer mermaid love story for years now and I finally got it. So seeing these two kiss and spend the night cuddling in each other’s arms, made me incredibly happy. Even more adorable was later when Maddie says she’ll do anything for Ryn. That’s love and I can’t with these two!


First Raddie, now Sarge/Helen. Hand Holding is very important on this show.

Another adorable honorable mention pairing goes out to Frank (who I guess the internet is calling it Sarge?) and Helen. Who had their “first date” eating sardines and the talk of their moment from last episode was mentioned. I want a nice and happy future for these two, Siren writers. Clearly, I came for the mermaids but fell in love with the ships in Siren.

Lastly, both the Pownall’s and Bishop’s appear to be having drama among one another. While Maddie’s family is more trivial in comparison with the trust of Susan now lost because of Glen, both I’m sure will have equal effects on our favorite characters and storylines. For instance, Dale worshiped and believed in Susan throughout the entirety of the first season! Now that Maddie’s life has been put in danger, he sees the ramifications of having Susan living with him. Do I fully blame Susan? No, we heard her origin story and where she was during the first season and my heart goes out to her. But I do think some trust and communication needs to be rebuilt between everyone.

Oomph, now the Pownall’s. Turns out it was Ben’s Mom’s idea to give this company land and that’s why they’ve been digging for oil and causing mayhem in the water. Can someone clarify the reasoning behind they thought this was a good idea? With a town like Bristol Cove that’s famous for their mermaids, you would think they would take even better care of their oceans, even if the mermaids are lead to be fictional? Then you have the seafood business, the marine research center, whales dying on the beach. The list goes on and on. What are your thoughts with both families’ drama? Do you feel for Susan like I do? Are mad at the Pownall’s like Ben is?

What were your thoughts on 2.06 “Distress Call”?

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Siren, 2.07: “Entrapment” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform.
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Only 2 episodes until the mid-season finale. Any theories as to how you think things might be left off? I want a nice Bryndie ending, the mer-folk to be able to venture back successfully into the water, and no one important to die please.

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