REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E8 – He Said, She Said

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine, the Me Too movement is highlighted via a case that Jake is assigned. A man (at the time) allegedly sexually assaulted a female co-worker who then used a golf club to break his penis. Amy jumps on the case for reasons (one of which the audience learns later). The duo interview both parties to assess if there’s a case or not. Mr. Haggerty of course denies it, while Ms. Brennan provides a detailed account of what happened and why she wouldn’t lie about it (as well as stating the very accurate declaration that one can’t watch too much DuckTales). Ms. Brennan is offered hush money and is considering taking it because she knows her word isn’t enough to convict. Amy convinces her not to and promises to convict Mr. Haggerman.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “He Said, She Said” Episode 610 — Pictured: (l-r) Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Joe Lo Trugilo as Charles Boyle — (Photo by: John P. Fleenor/NBC)

While going through the paperwork on the case, Amy recounts several occasions of sexism she’s experienced, to Jake’s chagrin. Rosa overhears the conversation and believes that they should have taken the non-disclosure agreement. Amy and Rosa argue their respective cases while Jake is unsure if he should leave or not. Ultimately he decides to be an active listener. I enjoyed this moment of conflict with him. Not to make it all about the male perspective, but it’s a difficult issue and it can be hard to know when you should and shouldn’t talk. Amy and Jake interview multiple co-workers (at a really nice office that Jake falls for) who all say the same thing: “Mr. Haggerty is really nice and that this is an extremely professional work environment.”

Ms. Brennan’s boss tells them that they’re firing Ms. Brennan and revoking the hush money. Amy becomes even more persistent to help Ms. Brennan, revealing that at her first precinct her captain helped Amy become detective. Once she became a detective said captain believed she owed him a kiss (and probably more) for helping her. This was a superbly acted scene by Melissa Fumero, and does explain Amy’s need for a mentor in Captain Holt. One of the employees comes forward and shows a text chains recounting the incident happens exactly as Ms. Brennan claimed, but only for his own benefit. However, even though Haggerty was caught Ms. Brennan had to quit because her co-workers are freezing her out socially, which will affect her work contributions. Rosa later helps cheer Amy up by showing that one of Brennan’s co-workers was inspired and is reporting her own story.

Brooklyn Nine Nine once again handled a heavy subject matter like this in superb fashion. They maintained the perfect tone, and didn’t go too heavy handed when telling the story.

Meanwhile Holt’s old nemesis The Disco Strangler has reportedly died in a car explosion. Holt is convinced he is still alive, though Terry and Boyle think he’s just trying to relive his glory days. Ultimately, Holt is right and they capture the Strangler again (using a lot of manpower for an 80 year old man who’s hard of hearing).


Melissa Fumero as Amy revealing her own “Me Too” story.

Holt’s fax machine.

Andre Braugher’s delivery of “Father Time”