TCA 19: TBS’ ‘Miracle Workers’ Shows Saving Earth is Hard

Credit: TBS

During the TCA’s, the cast and creator of TBS’ newest series, Miracle Workers, were present to give us a glimpse of their new limited series.

The synopsis of the series is, “Craig (Daniel Radcliffe) a low-level angel responsible for handling all of humanity’s prayers, and Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan), a recent transfer from the Department of Dirt. Their boss, God (Steve Buscemi), pretty much has checked out to focus on his favorite hobbies. To prevent Earth’s destruction, Craig, along with Eliza, must achieve their most impossible miracle to date.”

When asked about the obvious comparison to shows like The Good Place and God Friended Me and what Miracle Workers is going to bring to the table, creator and author of the book Miracle Workers is based on, What In God’s Name?, Simon Rich said, “I wouldn’t describe our show as religious satire. It’s more of a existential show. It’s more about what it means to be a human being on earth.” This writer interprets it kind of like a game of Sims. We’re acting as almost a fly on the wall to these humans and in a way, are in control of their actions.

And God creating Earth is compared to a startup company that took off and is impossible to handle now. “It took off. It really took off,” Steve Buscemi, who plays God himself, says.

On the series premise, Rich explains:

“This is a show where, basically, two humans pray to be a couple, and the angels are trying to make that a reality, but there’s constant collateral damage. They’re constantly, inadvertently, causing typhoons, terrible things are happening to innocent, undeserving people. It’s also a show in which miracles are possible and in which individuals are capable of making good things happen in small ways every day. It’s a group of plucky underdogs who have to overcome their differences and work together to save the world.”

Buscemi on playing his character, God: “…he’s often overwhelmed and confused and just a little bit lazy, but I think he’s got a good heart. I think he, you know, he’d like things to work out, but he just, he’s kind of in over his head.” Both Buscemi and Rich tease there are future episodes in the series that will show a different side to God.

When you first think of the title Miracle Workers, Helen Keller might come to mind. But Rich explains, “…the title is superficially ironic. My hope is that the title is initially seems sarcastic and by the end of episode seven seems dead earnest.”

A question was later asked, “Do you think about your own morality more when you’re working on a show like this?” Daniel Radcliffe immediately said, “I think about it constantly anyway. I think I’m quite morbid so I often do and I think that this is such like a fun world that Simon’s created. I don’t particularly believe in an afterlife, but if there was one and it was like this, I’d be very happy.”

And lastly to add to Radcliffe’s answer, Buscemi said: “I’m happy to go there because it seems like the technology in heaven has stopped like in the ’70s and that’s true with me. You know so I’d feel very comfortable there.”

Miracle Workers is currently airing on Tuesdays at 10:30pm/9:30c on TBS.