REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.11: “Lost Souls”


When Alec “the law is the law” Lightwood is back, you know it’s serious.

After what feels like has been an eternity (almost a year of no Shadowhunters episodes will do that to you I guess), Shadowhunters is back in our lives. We can remain calm and enjoy these episodes until the inevitable bitter end. Too bad everyone on the show isn’t in better spirits. Well, maybe Jonathan’s on our level.

Goodbye Clary…: Everyone is mourning the loss of our fiery little red head, Clary Fray. Everyone has their own process of healing. Simon and Jace are blaming themselves – Si wants his Mark of Cain gone stat, while Jace is having major PTSD from his time as the Owl and all the turmoil he caused Clary while under that influence. And Luke is acting like Charlie Day and thinks he’s cracked the code – Clary may actually be alive. But I’ll get to that in a bit.


“I’ve never loved anyone the way you love Clary.” Just wait till Simon, Iz.

The show’s use of Clary flashbacks was incredibly effective in showing the loss we’ve been hit with. If we didn’t know Clary was alive somewhere, I can assure you I’d be weeping. It’s almost like there’s been this shift in tone since the previous episodes. I guess you could consider Clary the glue that kept everyone together and without her, they’re lost.

It looks like we’re getting the introduction of a couple story lines thanks to Clary’s “death.” As mentioned a little earlier, Simon is looking to remove his Mark; thinking he’s even more of a death trap because of Clary. We see several lovely scenes between him and Maia (welcome back Alisha!), and I’m in awe of the amount of respect and support they have for one another. “I’m always here for you, Simon. You’re not alone.” FEELS! Maia refuses to give up on healing Simon, going so far as to involve Isabelle, hoping as weapons master she could help get rid of his Mark. When Maia came to Izzy, I will admit, I was incredibly hesitant, knowing their relationship in the books and the general track record of women being pit against each other. But Shadowhunters proves to be different and I breathe a sigh of relief. Sure, it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test (since they’re literally talking about Simon and his well-being) but both women hold no hard feelings for each other and it’s clear they’re always there for each other. I just want to slow clap that scene out.

Hello Jonathan: After months of hinting at his upcoming role on the show, we’re finally introduced to Jonathan Morgenstern. “In the flesh,” he tells Clary upon us seeing him. This is a character I’ve been most interested in seeing. I think quite a bit of that has to do with Luke Baines’ incredible involvement with the show and fandom? Baines also captures this balance of sinister and almost sweet (used loosely) that has me really feeling for his character. Do I hate him? Love him? Or love to hate him? I have no clue. But we do get to understand his motives and reasoning behind things. All of Shadowhunters‘ antagonists, now that I think about it, just want a family and to be accepted (that’s a stretch with Valentine I know). If Clary went along with Jonathan and the pair went gallivanting around the world, he would be perfectly happy. Which, given the twist from the book, we might see some of that!

Speaking of that twist, I am so incredibly here for it! Instead of Jace being connected to Jonathan, it’s Clary. “We’re one,” Jonathan eerily tells Clary after she attempts to kill him. Whatever injury he inflicts, the same will happen to Clary, etc. I think this is going to show a really great relationship between Jonathan and Clary; she’ll become influenced by him and we’ll see a darker side of Clary that we’ve never seen before! Book fans, show fans, what do you think of the route the show is taking for this?

Your actions as the Owl were not your own, Jace!

Honorable Mention: Adventures in Malec Babysitting: I am not alone in saying that this part of the episode was the purest and sweetest of the premiere. Something has to be, given the current circumstances. Magnus and Alec are babysitting Madzie for Catarina while she goes to a doctor’s retreat. But just when we get comfortable with the fact that this story-line couldn’t go awry, it does. Madzie’s former guardian (er, basically kidnapper), Iris, returns. There is a moment in the show where it’s hinted by all parties that having Iris be Madzie’s guardian once again wouldn’t be a bad idea. Thank the Angel that proves to be a ruse to capture Iris once and for all to send her to Idris’ prison. But with that said, it looks like there’s a darker force at work. It doesn’t look like these prisoners are being taken to Idris after all. Try more like, being tortured by an unknown figure. Is there an even more Big Bad that’s not Jonathan?! This story-line already has me hooked and I’m so curious to find out more.

What were you thoughts on 3.11: “Lost Souls”? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below!

The next new episode of Shadowhunters, 3.12: “Original Sin” airs next Monday at 8/7c on Freeform.
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Okay so we have Malec training and flirting scenes and a glimpse at evil Clary?! That head shake though! *swoons*