REVIEW: Siren – 2.05: “Primal Instincts”


Primal Instincts” kept the storyline going for all in Siren. In fact, I’ve noticed throughout this season, that Siren doesn’t really have filler episodes. Sure they have the occasional party/event the characters go to, but that in no way stops the plot from continuing, and I really appreciate that! I think it’s because Siren doesn’t have the “monster of the week” like most fantasy shows. Smart thinking, Siren writers.


Raddie hand holding is my favorite brand.

Love Is In the Air…: We ended last week’s episode with Ben, Maddie and Ryn (Bryndie) kissing, and this week, it’s the morning after! Let’s get the fan girling out of the way, shall we? AH! THEY KISSED AND THEY’RE IN THE SAME BED CUDDLING. AND RADDIE HAND HOLDING.
Among the fangirling and flailing, I thought they had done more. But after re-watching, Ben and Maddie distinctly stopped last night because they had no clue how much Ryn was ready for all of that. Oh, she makes her feelings for wanting more known very well. Then there’s both awkward smiles between Ben and Maddie and also an honest conversation. They explain how humans don’t just mate, they make love. “I would like to make love to Ryn and Maddie.” After all, Ben and Maddie “are love” right?
Hysterics aside, I love the approach the writers are continuing to go with this storyline and you know I’m dying for more. I also appreciate how their relationship isn’t the whole show, or even honestly that much of a plot-line. It’s just a lovely addition to it. Now I can’t wait to see what their parents and friends think. I know we got an awkward, “oh um, okay” from Susan Bishop which was precious.
Also, as a quick mention, I have to talk about Helen and her potential love interest, Frank! I may love mermaids, but I always hold a little bit of a soft spot for mermen because they’re just rarely seen in films/shows, etc. So of course I love Levi and Frank. We’ve had scenes already between Helen and Frank where there’s tons of eye contact between them, but that was it. This episode there was a beautiful scene between Frank and Helen where she saw him in his merman form in the tank. Aside from Helen saying “You’re beautiful,” no words were spoken, but a connection was definitely made. I’ve seen many fantasy series/films to know that when a “human” sees the supernatural creature in their “true” form and they aren’t afraid of it, you just know that they’re going to get together! And there was hand holding between the glass, too! Too cute and I want more!



I’ve never seen this many females going up against a man before.q

Oil Is in the Water…: We learned some pretty frightening things for our mer-folk this episode. The people that were working on mapping the ocean found oil! Ben rushed to tell his Dad (in hopes to have him escalate the resolution to this) and told him this sort of thing could take up to five years or more to resolve! Plus, hello, damaging our waters! I’ll admit, this story-line I’m not too well versed in, since I’m not a marine biologist or water expert, but I do know it can’t be good for everyone involved. Ben’s family seafood business, Ben, Maddie’s and Xander’s jobs, the marine life, and of course our mer-folk. And with their urgency to get back into the water rising like the tide every day, who knows how long before they’re going to venture back to the ocean.



“Hey Levi. What’s up?”
Levi: *looks up*
You’re too precious!

And Death is on the Horizon: Well for Maddie’s Mom’s dealer only, thanks to Ryn. I guess we know who the protective significant other in their relationship is. Trying to help her Mom move forward with her relapse, Maddie agrees to head to her Mom’s dealer, Glen, to try and retrieve her lost wedding ring. Of course I immediately thought that Susan was cheating on Maddie’s Dad with Glen, but she firmly states that was never the case. I’m not sure that Glen agrees? Since he was the one that brought Maddie’s Mom back, I think he got it into his head that they might eventually start a life together? Did anyone else get those vibes? Anyway, just as Maddie is almost out his apartment door, he comes home. But a wild Ryn appears and in the final scene, she kills him! Letting my Raddie feelings not spring up over the fact that Ryn wanted to protect Maddie so bad she killed someone (plus natural instincts), looks like they’ll be in hot water in the next episode. While in the moment this kill possibly saved lives, I just know it’s only going to have detrimental outcomes in future episodes and probably the rest of the season. Look at what happened last season with Ryn and the guy in the car. I just hope that no one goes looking for Glen, Dale’s job isn’t even more at stake, and no one finds out what really happened. But with this said, will Maddie’s Mom be forced to find out about mermaids now?

What were your thoughts on 2.05: “Primal Instincts”?

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Siren, 2.06: “Distress Call” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform.


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