REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E7 – The Honeypot

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine, Holt hires a new assistant while Amy attempts to organize the precinct. Holt has been trying to hire a new assistant to replace Gina but has had difficulty finding someone that meets his near-impossible standards, which begs the question of how he was able to stand Gina for 5 years. Jake volunteers to find Holt’s new assistant since he “found” Gina, who apparently was a great assistant off-screen. Jake’s search leads to a Gordon Lunt, the Indian version of Captain Holt. Holt feels that Gordon was blatantly flirting with him and tells Jake to let him go. Jake, however, has a different idea after making a discovery about Gordon. It turns out that Gordon lied on his resume, and is in fact a spy for Commissioner Kelly. Holt doesn’t believe it at first, claiming that this is reality and not a “Thomas Cruise” movie.

Jake and Holt want to confirm their suspicion by stealing Gordon’s laptop while Holt distracts Gordon with a barrel exhibit at a museum, something Holt views as brazenly flirting with Gordon. Ultimately, they come up with nothing when Gordon confesses to his actions and falling in love with Holt. A double cross is suggested by someone (Jake), so Gordon is wiretapped while Raymond and Jacob listen in. Gordon triple crosses them and Commissioner Kelly gloats about the failed plan. However, Holt foresaw the triple cross and planted bugs and cameras everywhere. He presents Kelly with a list of demands, including opening the first floor of the precinct again. It’s been too many episodes since the show has presented a Jake-Holt “A” plot and as usual the duo entertains with their difference in interests but similarities in certain personality traits like competitiveness and pettiness.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “The Honeypot” Episode 607 — Pictured: Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

In the other plot, Rosa, Terry, and Charles are bemoaning the lack of space they have with the uniformed cops now on their floor. Charles unwisely states that there’s no one that can organize the clutter on their desks. Enter: Amy Santiago, master organizer. She forces the three to get rid of every personal item that “does not bring them joy,” drawing inspiration from Marie Kondo. The trio get rid of all things but one, burning everything else in a fire. I don’t know why nobody suggested that they just take those belongings to their respective homes, or why they either went along with the burning or, in Amy’s case, suggested it. That was a huge plot hole in this story. Terry was the only one who kept more than one item, with his special suspenders that he was planning to wear when he became a lieutenant, except he never passed the exam. Amy sees the error of her ways and dedicates herself to helping Terry with the exam and allows the three to keep any and all items they want on their desks. After they burned them.


Amy and Jake in the museum in the episode’s tag

“Thomas Cruise”

Rosa unable to decide whether she should throw away an axe or The Intern on blu-ray.

Two Righteous Individuals Performing Law Enforcement Directives Rapidly Against Gordon Our Nemesis. TRIPLE DRAGON.