REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E6 – The Crime Scene

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine there’s a change of pace from the usual episode format. There are no real subplots, just Jake and Rosa trying to solve an incredibly difficult (and dope according to Jake) case. The Jake and Rosa pairing is rare and thus an always entertaining one to watch. This case in particular is appealing as nobody broke in, and there wasn’t a struggle.The duo speaks to the victim’s mother who demands that they find the killer, a request that Jake immediately succumbs to. Rosa and (mostly) Jake work the case for nearly two months and Jake is driven mad by it. He brings the case to the precinct, forcing Charles to act as the dead body, bringing the CSI to his home and treating Amy as the dead body, and thinks the walls can talk.

Rosa, who has been the guinea pig of her cosmetic school girlfriend’s experiments leading to many amusing hairdos (with a different ‘do each scene she’s in), is concerned for Jake’s well being and wishes to take the case to Major Crimes. However, when explaining to the mother that they were unsuccessful Rosa has a change of heart, claiming that she was reminded of her own mother and thus the estrangement they’ve had ever since Rosa came out to her parents. Neither has made the first move and it’s been tearing at Rosa. My only issue with this is that, like a few things on the show, there was hardly any mention of it. Just like Amy’s desire to become a sergeant, a plot is dropped (though not necessarily forgotten) without any prior mention.

Major Crimes declared the murder a cold case, so in order to fulfill their promise, Jake and Rosa head to the former crime scene only to see it completely cleaned up. Because of this, though, the air conditioner is finally on and they’re able to solve the case. Rosa reaches out to her mother and the episode ends with a hope for reconciliation between them. The callback to last season’s episode was a nice touch and didn’t feel forced, although I wish they expanded on it a bit more.


Rosa’s many hair styles

The delivery man’s horror at the crime scene, we’re used to seeing the crime scenes treated so casually so it was funny to see a civilian’s reaction to it.

The CSI Franco. I don’t think I know the actor but he was great in his scenes.

Holt’s pronunciation of Bil bo Baggins.