REVIEW: Siren – 2.04: “Oil & Water”


Seeing how we didn’t get this in the episode, I want a deleted scene!

With this episode airing on Valentine’s Day, I was expecting an emphasis of love in “Oil & Water,” and boy did we get it – in all shapes and forms.

Mermaid Love: It’s pretty obvious that the mer-folk can’t all stay at the warehouse for much longer. Ben said that one on one, they’re fine. But all together, total chaos. So a lovely little mermaid montage ensued explaining that from here on out, the group was going to be divided. Some staying with Helen, Ben, and Maddie (thanks to her new apartment). Adorable Jerry even came through with fake IDs for everyone. I found this to be such a lovely way to know which mermaid was who. The montage itself was great because it gave viewers the information we needed to know and then right back into the plot. Thanks to the fake IDs, we even got names for the mer-gang! Ex: Donna’s daughter is named Camden, the redhead one is named Eliza, and the older merman has a retired army’s ID with the name Frank.


Levi is actually the sweetest and needs to be protected.

Levi seemed to take a liking to Ben. Sean’s death aside, I’m loving his character as well. Ryn mentioned something in this episode about Levi killing Sean that we need to take into account. The mermaid species consistently hunts, fights and rests – that’s all they know. I bet as he learns more about the ways of being human, and as I’m sure he’s confronted with Xander, he’ll regret that previous action. Seeing Ben teach Levi that consent is important (and that kissing a guy isn’t wrong to boot!) was one of the highlights of this episode. And I’m also a sucker for party episodes. So much can happen in them!

Family Love: We’re learning more about Helen and Rick’s mer-genes and I can’t wait to see if they have any abilities of some sort. I can see the writers are kind of toying with the idea that Rick might be “bad news” or possibly a negative influence for Helen? We know he’s eternally grateful for the old family recipe Helen gave him (“doctors couldn’t even figure this out”). But does anyone else think that he could take this newfound mer-hybrid knowledge and possible abilities and for it to have a negative effect? This is just a theory and I could totally be wrong. Ex: I used to like Xander and Cal, and oh how that ship has sailed.


“I think about Ben. And you.”

Maddie and her Mom, Susan, have a bit of screen time in this episode. Seeing that it was Susan’s dealer that I think brought her back to Bristol Cove, um, why? Was there some sort of relationship there so Susan could get drugs? It overall gave me the creeps, and I’m heartbroken for Maddie. Finally believing in her Mom again, to have all of that stripped away. Let’s see where their relationship picks up in the next episode.

Trio Love: I can’t finish this review off without talking about that end scene with Ryn, Maddie, and Ben (or Bryndie/Poly Marine as I see most of the internet calling them). First off, thank you Siren writers, producers, cast, etc. for giving us that scene. I know so few polyamorous relationships are shown in the media accurately, if at all. I can’t speak on the portrayal personally, but I thought seeing Bryndie kiss was so simple, yet important. It wasn’t prefaced with sexual music, quite the opposite actually (“I’ll care for you and you’ll care for more” were the lyrics). Maddie came home crying because of her Mom, said, “I’m just glad I have this place and the two of you,” and the kisses occurred. The moment felt so natural and I appreciate that that was the end scene and nothing else occurred. This is a big moment in and of itself; there will be more time to fully develop this new relationship as episodes go by.

But one thing was also confirmed: their feelings for each other are bigger than the Siren Song, they’re more! Their feelings aren’t an illusion because of the song! I could continue gushing about these three, but I think that’s for a separate editorial as more episodes go by.

What were your thoughts on 2.04: “Oil & Water”?

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Siren, 2.05: “Primal Instincts” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform. The promo can be viewed below.

Looks like the mer-pack is growing apart more and more. Uh-oh!

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