REVIEW: Siren – 2.03: “Natural Order”


“Say something into it.”
“Something into it.”

“Natural Order” was all about, well, exactly that: trying to maintain some order in Bristol Cove. Which can be hard when you have a pack full of merfolk hiding out, multiple curious humans wondering what’s going on, and a siren song to get out of your head.

As mentioned above, Siren is continuing to explore more with the mermaid mythology, the humans’ confusion in the town, and family relationships galore, but to quote a certain little mermaid, Ariel, “I want more.”

I adore this series with all my mermaid-loving heart, don’t get me wrong, but I think the pattern I’m seeing from this season, is they’re trying to jam-pack so many different story-lines into each episode. Or this could just be normal for a fantasy based TV show and I just need to keep up? Okay, so maybe I don’t want “more,” I want concise story-lines that don’t springboard onto another one.


More family for Helen means more potential mer-folk?

Family Order: There are multiple family units featured in this week’s episode. And trying to claim order or even get a grasp of what’s going on within them isn’t easy. Take Maddie’s family for instance. Susan Bishop is confused beyond belief at why her family’s being so secretive. She’s pestering both Maddie and Dale, but they won’t budge. I sympathize with her in terms of wanting answers, but you still have trust to regain from both parties! They’re not going to give you answers when I don’t think you’ve even explained where you’ve been for the past 10 months. I think when we find out who brought Susan back to Bristol Cove, her actions will make sense. My money’s on Nicole, to be honest. Who by the way, spends this episode consoling a broken Xander who’s dealing with I presume PTSD from his father’s death. If I didn’t already know she was bad news, I would like her.

Thanks to Ben’s Mom’s doubts on Helen who does a DNA test to see if she’s a Pownall (she is), we find out Helen has another living relative! A man named Rick who looks to have the same autoimmune disease as her. I’m so excited to see what this means. Are there even more humans with mermaid DNA in them? Is this something that can be cured or better explained? And how is Rick even related to Helen? Nephew, distant cousin? I want to see more of this Siren writers!


This is not how I wanted my Raddie relationship to kick off.

Mermaid Order: The pod of merfolk (that is what I’m calling them because – H2O) have upgraded from Ben’s cabin to an abandoned warehouse near the Marine Research Lab! Complete with a makeshift salt water tank. I have a feeling this location is going to be a necessity for them. It certainly makes for a great mermaid fight scene between Ryn and Katarina. About the mermaid fight: I don’t care if it was partly CGI, it was another great underwater scene that Siren pulled off! Similar to the merfolk outside the tank, and Ben and Maddie, I couldn’t look away either. There was tension and a definite power struggle, but also a beauty to it in a weird way? I’ve watched a lot of mermaid shows and films in my time, but I’ve never seen a fight between two mermaids before. The continued power struggle between Ryn and Katarina has me hooked (well from a mermaid point of view, not from two female characters).

And lastly, an honorable mention: this episode goes to Jerry, who has no relation to any story-line as of yet, but is still that lovable important addition to the show.


And the siren song potentially captures another victim. Please be okay, Maddie!

Siren Song Order: Ah, the Siren Song. What once was a cool portion of the show for me, is now making me frustrated. Okay, so the song itself isn’t, I loved the new facts we learned about it in this episode actually. I’m mainly just irritated how a certain favorite pairing of mine was handled and might be featured in the future because of it.

So, thanks to Ben hearing the siren song during Ryn and Katarina’s fight, the trio thought it’d be a great idea to record the siren song… for research purposes. But since Ryn can only perform it to someone, they thought it would be an even better idea to have Ryn sing to Maddie! Now it looks like Maddie’s affected, too! No thanks to the “noise cancelling” headphones or anything. I expressed my issues with Maddie hearing the siren song over on our Live Twitter account already, but here are more of my thoughts on this.

Why couldn’t Ben have been sung to? He’s already heard the song, what’s another instance of it? Honestly, I think I’m just most annoyed with this plot point because since the series premiere, I’ve “shipped” Ryn and Maddie together. Like with most shows, I thought nothing would ever happen from it. But then it was confirmed they were going the polyamorous route and then the Raddie car scene happened last week. I’ll admit, I got my hopes up. Don’t get me wrong, the siren song scene was great from a visual standpoint. However, now that Maddie’s most likely affected by the song as well, for all we know any further development we see between these two could just be the song’s doing. The same can be said about Ben and the Polymarine trio overall. I’m of course going to see how this story-line plays out, because I could very well be wrong, but I was really hoping this relationship would occur without the siren song’s involvement.

What were your thoughts on 2.03: “Natural Order”?

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Siren, 2.04: “Oil & Water” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform. The promo can be viewed below.

First off, the video title of this is “what do mermen do” which is not only comical, but makes me wish we had more screen time for them. Looks like we’re getting just that in next week’s episode. Also PolyMarine! Please don’t be because of the song!

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