Clark Gregg Offers Hints About Season 6 of ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’

So we’ve already had it confirmed from Not-Coulson himself: Phil Coulson is dead, which means Clark Gregg is playing some other, new character in the upcoming sixth season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this summer. Aside from that, however, and the little glimpses we got in the teaser trailer, we know almost nothing about what will be happening during those thirteen episodes. But now Gregg has a few more things to say on that topic – as well as about how the cast was feeling at the end of the last season.

Whoever he is, he’s apparently not Coulson. (Image credit: ABC)

In an interview with ET, Gregg explained that the renewal at the end of season five caught the case by surprise:

We had this really wonderful end of season five — the [season finale] episode was even called ‘The End’ — and we had reason to believe that we were done. We’d had these wonderful five seasons and a very tight family, and it was very, very sad. And then they called everyone up and said, we’re actually gonna do two more short, 13-episode seasons, which is really the number we thought we always could do best at.

That was definitely good news for everyone. The only issue was, how was Gregg going to be part of those two seasons – if at all? There was no question of whether he wanted to, but as Gregg put it, “…If it was going to involve me, I thought it had to be something special, something very different. I didn’t want to just kind of like, go, ‘Oh, never mind, it turns out he was OK all along.'” Thus, this mysterious new character who apparently doesn’t even know what SHIELD is.

Regarding this new guy and the “big mystery” surrounding the character, Gregg has this to say: “It may be a little disturbing, but this is a very different person. […] I think that this person is as surprised as they are, that they seem to recognize his face… I probably wasn’t supposed to say that.” Hmm. Intriguing.

Lastly, Gregg praised the showrunners and writers for their “bravery” in how they take risks and change up the show every season. As for season six, he shared that half of the team (now led by Mack) will be on Earth: “grieving, trying to take on on the duties of S.H.I.E.L.D. and dealing with these strange anomalies that have wreaked mass chaos, and they seem to get some images of people from somewhere else who are committing these things.” As for the rest of the team – perhaps including Jemma, based on the trailer – they’re “off in space, looking for the frozen Fitz from the future… And suddenly, it becomes clear that one of these people [from somewhere else] is wearing a very familiar face.”

Well. I don’t know about you, but that certainly whets my appetite even further for the new season! Hopefully we’ll be getting an exact release date soon. Until then, we’ll be waiting for Agents of SHIELD to return sometime this summer, on ABC.