The Final ‘Shadowhunters’ Trailer Is Every Fan’s Dream!

Demon!Clary is everyone’s reaction to the show being cancelled but airing soon.

After almost a year of no Shadowhunters footage, us fans were about to go a little stir-crazy if you will. But with a new (and final) season appearing on our TV screens in less then a month, Freeform finally gifted us with a full trailer this past Thursday!

And by the angel are there a lot of hints and teasers throughout it!

Right off the bat, we’re shown the new (or should I say real) Jonathan Morgenstern, portrayed by Luke Baines. “Resurrection brought back my real face,” he explains, complete with killer black wings. I am so incredibly excited to see how Baines portrays this character! I think he’s going to be one of the big takeaways from this last batch of episodes.

Another being Magnus and Alec, who are prominently featured throughout the trailer as well. They’re kissing, dancing, saving each other’s lives – the usual glorious Malec content.

Another couple we’re shown that is, in my opinion, one of the most highly anticipated is Simon and Isabelle! That’s right, we finally have a Sizzy romance. There’s a near kiss scene, Isabelle crying beside an unconscious Simon, saying, “Come back to me, Simon!” and I think she also tells him, “You have so much more to live for.” If you think waiting for new Shadowhunters episodes was tough, waiting for this pair to finally get together! Talk about slow burn!

Lastly, Silent Brother Zachariah’s officiating a wedding (the internet says it’s Malec’s?), Clary’s crying leaving it, and later waking up with demonic eyes?

Give me all of this right now! I know I said this throughout the last half of season three, but similar to what the cast has been saying – I think season 3B is going to be the best batch of episodes yet!

What are your favorite moments in this trailer? Noticed any other potential hints? Leave them in the comments below.

The final season of Shadowhunters airs Monday February 25th on Freeform.