REVIEW: The Magicians, S4E2 – Lost, Found, F…ed

My favorite thing about The Magicians might just be how half bad things that have happened to magic could have been prevented if only Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) had admitted Julia (Stella Maeve) into Brakebills rather than Quentin. While it’s not a subjected that was directly tackled in “Lost, Found, F…ed,” it certainly reverberated through every corner of the episode as Henry reflected on his life – or lives? – up to now and Julia’s alter ego Kim did her best to restore everyone she once knew back to themselves.

Julia gets it done.

It was thus appropriate that the events of “Lost, Found, F…ed” revolved around Henry’s spell and Julia/Kim’s attempts to undo it, even though there were various other plotlines going at the same time. When Marina’s (Kacey Rohl, who may not be a series regular but should be) previous attempt to break his magic failed and triggered an automated voicemail warning, the hedge witch resorted to sticking Henry with the very same spell he used on his students. She hoped that he would then provide the antidote, but his will to keep his teacher’s pets safe was stronger than his desire to hold onto his own life, and so instead instructed to adorably flustered Todd to jot down every single detail about Henry Fogg before he was replaced with a new identity. The results were at once hysterical and heart-wrenching, especially when he was confronted by a very determined, more self-aware Julia and knew that in the end his efforts would be for naught. By the episode’s end, he had become a homeless man and Marina stole his money with a tear-jerking “Hi, Dad.”

But all hope wasn’t lost, because the rest of the Brakebills storyline in “Lost, Found, F…ed” featured Julia’s single-minded determination to uncover the workings of Henry’s spell. With the trusty (or at least endearing) Todd by her side, she realized that Dean Fogg had developed a perpetual battery in order to keep the enchantment unbroken. Furthermore, after she touched it and died – then promptly resurrected – she understood that she could keep on repeating the process until she overloaded the system. As soon as she died, The Magicians‘ reboot rebooted itself and brought back everyone’s memories. Except for Henry’s, since his spell was engineered by Marina and not by himself. But that’s the price he had to pay for all the armor he’s put on “so nobody can see what a truly loving heart you have,” as Etta so poetically put it. I’m sure Julia will find a way to save him too, though, so don’t cry for him too much.

The High King is back! And gone again.

A lot happened before Julia broke the spell, though, even if Marina and the other Magicians were kept mostly in stasis until the identity charm wore off. Quickly, though, I’ve got to give a shoutout to Arjun Gupta’s comedic timing as DJ Hansel, who is probably the most different from his original identity. The man accidentally slept with his step-sister and was still super chill about it for goodness’ sake! On the flip side, Kady/Sam (Jade Tailor) had a revelation about her new life that hit surprisingly close to home. As much of a hero as she was at her job, Sam felt fake – which is so Kady that it turns, seeing as that woman wouldn’t step outside her authentic self even if it was hurting herself and everyone around her. Even Marina got a little into the role play, presenting herself as “a very, very good person who lives to help others” in one of the funniest lines of the night.

But back to the plot: Margo/Janet (Summer Bishil) went to the palace to find Acting King Fen (Brittany Curran) and loyal counselor Tick (Rizwan Manji) after being directed by a particularly creepy subject who called himself Lord Fresh. As it turns out, he was the guardian of her birth box and assured her that her return and reign – lonely though it may be – were foretold. Together with her court, they decided to track down Ember in order to restore Janet’s identity and stop Fillory from experienced an oversaturation of opium that was causing citizens to fall asleep in the middle of the street and get trampled. As much fun as it was to see Bishil trading barbs with her Fillor cast mates once more, it was a little strange to remember that she was supposed to look unrecognizable to them even though she was still exactly the same to the audience. It’s a negligible trade-off when one considers that they would be watching someone else try to imitate her signature style, though, so I’ll allow it.

Once they walked into the daytime rager that Ember was supposedly hosting, however, it became clear that this was an imposter. It was in fact a party thrown by Bacchus, who was none too

Partners in life… and death?

pleased at having been uncovered and sent Margo back to Earth as retribution. But not before she regained her memories and identity, and Fen handed the crown back over to her as a sign of respect. That partial victory was echoed in other parts of “Lost, Found, F…ed” as well. Such as when Alice (Olivia Taylor-Dudley) and Santa Claus worked together to grab from magic from a duct and infuse it into her new little bug friend. It slithered its way into the Head Librarian’s office but was tragically crushed just before it could see any of the good stuff. Good thing Santa still remembered how to squeeze through chimney, because Alice had another plan up her sleeve – as she always does.

Finally, The Magicians returned to that dangling thread from last season: Quentin/Brian (Jason Ralph) and Not Eliot (Hale Appleman), also known as the “Come Play With Me” Monster. Somehow, Not Eliot led Brian to Greece, to the Temple of the God of War – who is turns out is actually named Enyalius and hates it when you call him Aries. In order to call him forth, Brian was tasked with finding and killing a pig as a sacrifice. The poor boy refused to do so until his arm was broken quite brutally, because they weren’t playing around this time. But even after the ritual was performed, the God sent a country rocker-looking servant in his stead, who got himself tortured to death by Not Eliot as Quentin reappeared thanks to Julia’s scheme. The most interesting part about all this was how sweet Quentin was with this monster who used to be Eliot, despite his full awareness of everything that had transpired. But just when it seemed like the two would be friends for real, Quentin gathered up the courage to ask for the real Eliot back. Not only did it not go over well, it took them straight to the hideout of the rest of the Magicians, where the demon prepared to play a little game of murder.

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.