REVIEW: Siren – 2.02: “The Wolf at the Door”


Will Katrina rise to the top or sink below?

Similar to a lot of fantasy series set in the modern day, there is one trope – or plot line I should say – that always occurs. The show introduces a new species either to the audience and/or the town. Then shortly after, we see said species try and interact with the ordinary humans throughout the show. We saw Ryn go through this a lot in the first season (heck, she’s still learning something new about the human experience every day!), now it’s the new merfolks’ turn in “The Wolf at the Door.” And with this number of merpeople roaming around, things are getting complicated.

I honestly can’t decide how I feel about this many merfolk (I can’t decide what to call them, since we have 2 mermen in the pack) being introduced to Bristol Cove so quickly. I know half of them are going to get hardly any screen time and serve more as extras, while the few like Katrina and Levi are going to serve up so much drama – like as we see when Katrina leads some away from the Pownall cabin. I am interested to see where the power struggle between Ryn and Katrina continues, though!

We have two strong mermaids, one current leader and the other former, and they both want different things for the group. Ryn wants the merfolk to stay safely in the cabin and to interact/adapt to humans. Katrina considers humans the enemy. I can see both sides, but I have a feeling both will have to sacrifice something to get what they want. I also hope they show Katrina in more of a good light; as I said in last week’s review: I don’t consider any of these merfolk the enemy nor should Siren be pitting these women against each other. Anyone else have any thoughts and opinions on this?


“I am a good driver.”

Diving further into the mermaid information we learned in “The Wolf at the Door,” I found the scene with Ben asking Ryn how old she was was fascinating! So if Ryn’s age in mermaid years is based on how often the tide/waves rolled in, how old is she? Any guesses? And due to the fake ID, are we lead to believe her being 22 is canon? Don’t even get me started on how mermaids reproduce and how Donna’s daughter came to be. I personally can’t really wrap my head around that and definitely want more information on Ryn/Donna’s origin story before I consider that storyline rushed and unnecessary.

What I am absolutely in love with – and so glad they’re touching on – is the relationship between Maddie and her Mom! Susan Bishop 1) wants to know all the fishy whereabouts that are currently going on in the town that everyone seems to know but her, and 2) arrived into town with a measly phone call almost a year later. Maddie has had to be her own maternal figure in a way and lets her Mom know the difficulties she faced as a kid with her Mom’s alcoholism. Susan can’t just stroll into town and expect to be treated the same or trusted! I want more confrontational scenes like this and to really explore everyone’s family dynamics, too!


Raddie car scenes are the best scenes.

Speaking of Maddie, I can’t write this review without mentioning that Raddie car scene. Or even where I think their relationship is going. First off, nice parallel with the car scene itself from last season. Who would have thought that a season later it would be Maddie out of the two that would “make a move” on Ryn. I say that because you don’t just adorably laugh at what someone says and flirtatiously wrap your arm around them. I know it’s common knowledge that Ben was affected by the siren song and has feelings for Ryn, but what about Maddie? Seeing how Ryn has never straight up sang to Maddie, I think these two are slowly developing real feelings for one another!
It has been confirmed by the Siren writers that the series is taking the polyamorous Ben/Maddie/Ryn route, and we saw a brief introduction of this in this week’s episode with Ryn holding Ben and Maddie’s hands. As we see more of this relationship dynamic this season, I will certainly be gushing about it and reiterating how important this representation is.

What were your thoughts of 2.02: “The Wolf at the Door”?

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Siren, 2.03: “Natural Order” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform.

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