REVIEW: The Good Place S3 E12 – Pandemonium

The end of another season on The Good Place, once again picking up moments where the last episode left off. Michael has a panic attack because of the more personal stakes involved for his friends. Unable to shake Michael’s uncertainty, Eleanor assumes the role of architect to the first human of the experiment, John. Eleanor takes John through the standard neighborhood tour with Michael acting as her assistant. She informs the other humans and Janet of the new status quo, and assigns them various tasks (Chidi and Janet translating John’s file, Tahani planning the party).

Tahani runs into John where it’s revealed that he was a celebrity blogger who was quite rude (though seemingly not inaccurate) to Tahani. She realizes that the Bad Place specifically picked four people that would be the worst and most torturous for the Soul Squad. One of those people includes Simone, Chidi’s ex-girlfriend from Australia. Sean exploited a loophole which the Judge allows, but also permits Michael to erase Chidi from her mind. Eleanor forces the group back on track and continuing with their previous tasks (which includes Jason doing absolutely nothing for their benefit). Chidi is understandably flummoxed at Simone’s presence.

Tahani is thinking of the perfect insult to tell John, when she exhibits personal growth and does her all to be pleasant to John despite his natural tendency to get under her skin. The character growth of Tahani is very under the radar and is one of the bright spots of the series to me.

Chidi keeps away from Simone, observing her from afar while Michael and Eleanor realize that Eleanor being the architect allows Michael more time to plan. Chidi then makes the ultimate sacrifice, asking to be rebooted to keep him from ruining the experiment and sentencing his friends to endless torture. Everyone is saddened by this, most obviously Eleanor. They spent their last day together, complete with Michael showing them various moments of them together in all of the reboots (both new and old scenes). They vow to find each other once again, as they have before time after time.

Later, Eleanor asks Janet what’s the point of falling in love. Janet replies that there is no real logical answer, which makes the universe more special and how more special it is that Chidi and Eleanor found each other in all the…pandemonium. Eleanor is cheered by this and solidifies their friendship. Eleanor welcomes a rebooted Chidi into her office.

So another reboot, though with the twist of it being just Chidi of his own volition. I do feel they are losing some luster but this an intriguing scenario. Chidi walking amongst his friends and lover without having any idea of who they are will be fun to see for a few episodes next season. The problem I have with the finale was the lack of Tahani, Jason, and Janet. The first two are very underutilized characters in general so them getting the bare minimum of focus in the finale (just like last year), is grating to me.

The return of Simone is also intriguing; Chidi only dumped her because of his knowledge of the afterlife and the reboots. Both of them being together experiencing the afterlife for the first time (or so Chidi will think) could push them back together.


Jason’s fond memory of the time he and Chidi ordered pizza (which I wish we got to see as that’s a pairing we hardly see, as Chidi is often in an Eleanor box)

Eleanor’s sneaking around with Chidi in plain sight

Eleanor as the architect