REVIEW: The Good Place S3 E11 – Chidi Sees the Time Knife

The Good Place, once again, picks up immediately where we left off last time with the group going to the Interdimensional Hole of Pancakes, which is an insane place to say the least, to present a case to the judge. Michael argues that human beings are being unfairly judged for their actions, that many try to do the right thing but the unintended consequences negatively impact their score. The judge is unconvinced, but zaps herself to Earth just to determine the validity of Michael’s argument. She realizes that it is indeed a difficult place to exist in, especially for a black woman, which she realizes she appears to be. And let’s face it..she’s not wrong. The judge sets up a negotiation between a returning Shawn and our favorite characters. Thanks to Chidi, who’s really following Simone’s advice, it is decided that they’ll create a new neighborhood with 4 new humans meant for the Bad Place and test them. Because after all, any good experiment must be repeated, this time with actual people (all of whom Janet volunteers to create) so the new humans have to deal with real-life situations that our humans didn’t experience.

The new neighborhood is built in Mindy St. Claire’s backyard and it resembles the old neighborhood. Right before the experiment is initiated Shawn calls Michael and taunts him with what they’ll do to the original 4 once (his words) the new trial fails. It involves Vicki wearing Michael’s human skin and torturing them, which would confuse them obviously and add to the torture. Michael is unnerved and has a panic attack in front of Eleanor right when the first new human awakens.

Jason and Janet rekindle their relationship, but the return of Derek complicates things for the new-old relationship. This was the weakest part of the episode for me. Having this type of love triangle introduced so late in the season is beneath this show.

Eleanor chooses for her and Chidi to live in their old house, complete with creepy clown design, and immediately suggests learning more philosophy while Chidi just wants to have sex. That’s what’s called character growth.

There was hardly any Tahani in this episode. She’s always under-utilized and it’s not the best look to use the show’s only woman of color so poorly.

Next week is the season finale, and I haven’t a clue what to expect. This show always surprises me.



Seeing the old neighborhood again.

Derek being both Janet’s son and her rebound booty call.

Vicki wearing a Michael suit.