REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 Episode 2 – Hitchcock and Scully

This week Brooklyn Nine Nine shines the spotlight on the two least-used characters of the show in Hitchcock and Scully. We’re shown what rock-stars Hitchcock and Scully used to be, via flashbacks to 1986, landing a huge drug bust. Commissioner Kelly seemingly was behind an Internal Affairs investigation into this particular case. Jake and Boyle are assigned to see if there’re grounds for re-opening the case. When reviewing the case, they discover that there was a bag of cash that was unreported in the file. They’re insistent that Hitchcock and Scully did something with the money, possibly for their own selfish reasons. We learn, though, that they gave the money to the ex-wife of one of the criminals (a man named Costa), who was also their informant. The criminals were the ones who pretended to be from Internal Affairs just so they could find where the ex-wife was. Fortunately, the rest of the 99 helped to apprehend the old criminals. In a final flashback we see the downfall of Hitchcock and Scully: wings from the restaurant the ex-wife worked (and later became the manager of). This was an entertaining plot, the final scene being a true delight. I’m only disappointed that we didn’t solve the mystery of whether Kelly is Scully’s wife or dog.

In the plot within a plot, Boyle and Jake argue whether a man claiming to be Nikolaj’s (Boyle’s adopted son) biological 15-year-old (so he claims) brother is legit or not. In the world’s creepiest van, owned by Scully of course, Boyle admits it could be a scam for money. Turns out they were both right: he is Nikolaj’s brother but he is lying about his age. This subplot really wasn’t necessary to convey that Charles is too trusting. Simply having him and Jake be on opposite sides regarding Hitchcock and Scully would have sufficed. Additionally we learn that Charles has a tracker on Jake’s phone, used to hunt down Scully and Hitchcock. This is just further evidence that ever since season five, the writers are amping up Boyle’s love for Jake to creepy levels. It used to be endearing but Charles’ excessiveness has morphed it.

The elimination of the first floor has pitted Amy against Terry and Rosa. The two sides are constantly at each other’s throats using the microwave as a symbol of their battle. As expected, the two sides come to a truce, but not before Amy and her officers destroy the aforementioned microwave. I don’t have anything to add about this subplot; it was entertaining, especially seeing just how competitive Amy can be (something we only saw with Jake previously).

Finally, Holt prepares to give an interview that further criticizes Commissioner Kelly’s policies. The internal struggle of his squad leads him to leave them out of his battle with Commissioner Kelly. This was another subplot that was just kind of there, and had an ending that made sense but didn’t do much for me.


The use of “Take My Breath Away”

Amy’s British accent

The use of “Fake News”