REVIEW: Young Justice: Outsiders, Episodes 4 – 6

After spending last week’s episodes dealing with the crisis in Markovia, Young Justice: Outsiders circled back to more-shot storytelling that nevertheless uncovered emotional moments for the scattered team.

“Private Security” focused on Dick once more, but this time he was going reverting back to his solo ways after the rescue operation last week. Well, not entirely solo, seeing as he recruited Roy, Jim and Will Harper to complete a mission. The interesting part, though, was that Young Justice: Outsiders chose to detail the steps of his favor to Will beforehand instead – suiting up as security guards and protecting a shipment of high quality VR goggles from thugs like Brick’s men.

You can guess just how many hijinks ensued from that, but all the much needed comedy didn’t make “Private Security” any less of a heavy-hitter in the long run. Not only did the show finally attempt to deal with Wally’s death head on, with Will speaking some sense into Dick no less, but it also contained a subplot for Artemis and Halo that led to the latter uncovering a little more of her history and a lot more about friendship. Thanks to a visit with Doctor Fate, Halo learned that she is “an old soul in a very young body” despite having no idea what that means. And thanks to a tear jerking spiritual reunion between Zatanna and her father, Artemis was able to show her new charge what it means to be there for your friends.

“Away Mission,” on the other hand, saw many of the youngest members heading to New Genesis alongside M’gann and Bear of the Forever People. M’gann came face to face with her villainous brother M’Comm M’orzz impersonating the New God Orion, and the crux of the story quickly turned to oppression and the which means of empowerment are preferable. It was a heavy story to take on in only 20 minutes, but at least it gave Bart and friends an epic battle to fight. And it introduced new recruit (and refugee) Forager, who saved the crew instead of giving into righteous anger.

While the others were spending their time on New Genesis, Young Justice also spent a little time on acclimating Brion and Halo to their powers in “Away Mission.” The motif of refugees having to adjust to a new life recurred throughout this batch of episodes, and whether it was a commentary on the current state of world or not it was certainly poignant to witness. Brion was disheartened enough to set out on his own, but a quick turnaround had him choosing to stay for his sister. Once again, it was a matter of cramming a little too much into a single episode – but it was a strong offering with a plot that pushed forward in “Rescue Op.”

The final episode brought back the League of Shadows and looped it into the overarching plot line of the season when Brion heard that the abducted Princess Tara may have joined them. That wasn’t the only mystery Young Justice: Outsiders was juggling in this episode, though. Dick was revealed to be in contact with Barbara and receiving his information from her as Oracle. Why is he keeping her from the team, and himself partially in isolation?

That questions wasn’t answered this week, considering everyone was distracted by an investigation into and battle against R’as Al Ghul. The mission didn’t get very far in terms of finding Tara, but it did confirm that Halo has resurrection powers. Not to mention that it confirmed R’as was no longer part of the Shadows or of the Light, and that he was sheltering a ‘bodyguard’ in a Red Hood with no memory as well as a baby in Talia’s arms. These tidbits will certainly come into play later in the season, and I for one can’t wait.

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