REVIEW: The Good Place S3E10 – The Book of Dougs

The Good Place left us on a cliffhanger that saw the group actually enter the Good Place. They’re in a random office, that isn’t the “actual” Good Place, and smell the air which represents unique things to each of the humans. They’re greeted by a mailwoman, Gwendolyn, who is both extremely nice and inviting but also extremely gullible, evidenced by her believing a very horrible cover story of why the group is in that building. Michael goes behind Gwendolyn’s back and calls the Good Place committee to tell them about the Bad Place tampering with the point system. The committee is similar to Gwendolyn, overly nice (perhaps to the point of annoyance) and very trusting. They’re disturbed by this news and agree to form a committee to investigate. The committee forming will take 400 years, the investigation another thousand years, and must involve the Bad Place just to be fair. I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind making the Good Place employees so gullible and passive.

Thanks to Tahani, Michael realizes that the Bad Place isn’t tampering with the point system. It’s that humanity and the world has gotten more complex over time. He makes an appointment with the judge to save humanity, which….doesn’t seem very likely if I’m honest.

Chidi and Eleanor have their first official date (in any timeline if I’m not mistaken), and Eleanor is overcome with happiness which overwhelms her. She’s very unfamiliar with such emotion and Chidi consoles her and eventually the two have sex in the Good Place office (while Chidi is wearing a mailman’s outfit, fulfilling one of Eleanor’s fantasies).

Jason is unsure what to do after he and Tahani read Janet’s personal diary of sorts and discovered that she’s in love with Jason. Tahani is eager to help out and push the two together, as any good wife will do naturally. Her attempts are futile (including one where she reminds Jason that their marriage is null on account of dying) but ultimately appeals to Janet with a  sincere tear-filled confession of love (I’m assuming platonic).

As mentioned before, I do not understand why Mike Schur decided to make the Good Place employees such…well, losers. They’re nice obviously but that doesn’t mean they need to be passive or gullible.

I’m assuming the show is trying to go back to Jason and Janet, but in my opinion the bond that Jason and Tahani formed this season (and last season actually) had a stronger base. I don’t really like Tahani being the third wheel (or third part of a triangle) as it leaves her out of the romantic loop.


Chidi’s reactions to his friends’ favorite smells.

Chidi’s own smell.