REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine-Nine S6E1 – Honeymoon

Last season on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captain Holt received an email about whether or not he would become NYPD commissioner. It’s quickly revealed that he did… NOT get the job after re-reading the email. This sends him into a tailspin of depression and to a 5-star resort in Mexico, coincidentally the same resort where Amy and Jake are spending their honeymoon (thanks to Amy getting wedding insurance). Here we get a few bits of Holt constantly interrupting the honeymoon, both intentionally and not, with his self-pity. Jake and Amy decide to include Holt in their activities so he can be in a better mood and go back to New York, leaving them alone to enjoy the rest of their honeymoon in peace.

This helps him realize there’s more to life than the NYPD, but he misguidedly decides to quit instead. The newlyweds tie Holt to their bed (via Boyle’s honeymoon gift) in a panic. Jake tries to appeal to how Holt has bettered him as a man and a cop, which Holt dismisses as selfish. This angers Amy and she unleashes on Holt more than I ever thought possible. Holt is inspired by her tirade, decides to stop giving hoots, and goes over the new commissioner’s head directly to the mayor with his criticisms of the commissioner’s ideas. The commissioner, John Kelly, retaliates by removing the bottom floor of the Nine-Nine’s location. The second floor is full of detectives and cops, putting the Nine-Nine at war with the entirety of the NYPD.

Terry is in charge of the Nine-Nine while Holt is in Mexico. He’s initially fired up about the temporary position, but goes into a panic when problems become more difficult to manage and solve. Terry seeks Holt’s manual for his successor by going through his office, trying and failing to access Holt’s computer, and searching the cloud. When Gina decides to give the manual to Terry via Rosa, we learn that Holt’s advice for his successor for solving problems is to consult Terry and that he has full trust in him.

Gina’s mom leaves Boyle’s dad on the request of Gina. Boyle is saddened on behalf of his dad and her betrayal, but comes around when Gina reveals she did it out of kindness as her mom was constantly cheating.

Review/Analysis: First, it’s simply wonderful to have this show back. I’ve had the theme song stuck in my head all day. Anytime there’s a plot that moves Holt out of his comfort zone it’s always hilarious. Andre Braugher always delivers tremendously. Even though the clips of Holt interrupting Jake and Amy’s honeymoon activities are typical sitcom hijinks (or is it hijinx?), Brooklyn Nine-Nine does it in a way that doesn’t come off too over the top. It was a delight to see Holt’s relationship with both Jake and Amy in this episode, and I particularly enjoyed that it was Amy who truly got Holt out of his stupor. Too often the show relies on the Jake and Holt relationship, marginalizing Amy’s mentorship with the captain. The B and C subplots were largely there. It was a nice moment hearing just how much Holt trusts Terry. It’s often we (or I) forget that these two have a past before the Nine-Nine.

Gina showing kindness isn’t bad, but she still revels in being “a rascal” (a characterization she bestows upon herself). Her obnoxiousness has increased over the seasons (especially to Amy) without any real rhyme or reason. The show refuses to seriously address her attitude, and she’s actually often rewarded for it, much to my annoyance.

All in all, this was a solid premiere for a show in its sixth season and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Nine-Nine!

Highlights: Holt’s shirts

Amy and Jake’s brief “B wants C in her A” The show really took advantage of NBC’s censor with this one and, as always, Melissa Fumero’s facial expressions are second to none.