The Last Kingdom renewed for season 4

Christmas came early for fans of The Last Kingdom as Netflix announced that the historical series has been renewed for a fourth season.

The Last Kingdom S3In a hilariously anachronistic tweet, Alexander Dreymon and some key members of the cast spread the word that The Last Kingdom will begin filming its next season soon. Dressed in modern attire, Uhtred rallies his faithful followers, Osferth, Sihtric, and Finnan, even as they are quietly celebrating the holidays in this day and age. But they all stay in character and after some funny questions like “Are we going to war, lord?” or “Are we going to the ale house?” Uhtred finally announces that they need to get to work on the next season.


The Last Kingdom S3The saga recounts the life and adventures of the warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon), particularly his complex relationship with King Alfred the Great (played by David Dawson) and his struggle to reconcile his Briton birth and Danish upbringing. The third season, in particular, puts a great focus on the contrasts between the two characters and some difficult choices they need to make.

As previously reported, the first two seasons aired on BBC Two and then Netflix got involved in the project in late 2017. Season one was based on the first and second books, The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman. Season two then adapted the third and fourth novels, The Lords of the North and Sword Song. The third season had ten episodes and was based on the fifth and sixth books in the series, The Burning Land and Death of Kings. If the fourth season follows this format, it will probably be an adaptation of The Pagan Lord and The Empty Throne.

All in all, it was a merry Christmas for those of us who follow the exploits of Uhtred, son of Uhtred.

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Watch the trailer for season 3 here: