WATCH: ‘Timeless’ Teases Action-Packed Christmas Finale

Are you ready to get Rufus back or what?!

It’s finally here, Clockblockers! After months of waiting and fan campaigning, the Timeless Christmas finale event is almost upon us. It’s been a rough road for everyone involved in this beloved show—fans and creators/cast of the series alike—so we’re just going to take everything we can get at this point, right? Fighting two cancellations isn’t easy. So, now we get to relax and hang out with the Time Team over the holidays.

While the two-hour finale event (which will air uninterrupted like a movie) is supposed to serve as a wrap-up for the series, we’re still not giving up hope that Timeless could find a home elsewhere. With how loyal the fandom is, and how dearly the actors, writers, and crew love working on Timeless, it certainly deserves to live on. And your ratings could help Timeless in its future, so make sure to tune in for the Christmas movie event and rewatch the series a few times on Hulu over the holidays, just to make your point known.

NBC released a trailer for Thursday’s epic finale, and it’s…a lot. How great is it to see the Lifeboat and our favorite Time Team altogether again in the bunker? Flynn is Flynn-ing it up! Hell, it’s even good to see our duo of lady villains again. (I am so looking forward to more of their dynamic). We don’t really get a good enough idea of the plot from the trailer; there’s so much going on that we just get a vague feeling that the whole thing is going to be a fast-paced, emotional adventure. With the way things ended in the finale of season two, there’s definitely a lot of questions to answer. What’s up with Future!Wyatt and Lucy? And most important of all: will they be able to save Rufus?

We don’t know for sure, but Rufus shows up alive and well in the trailer! “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals,” Rufus tells Lucy and Wyatt with a bright grin, dressed in Wild West garb. It’s the perfect entrance for our “hero in a hoodie,” whom we’ve all been waiting months to see again after season two’s finale stomped all over our feelings. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Time Team can bring him back. We could all use a little holiday cheer.

Timeless’ Christmas finale event airs Thursday, December 20, on NBC. Check out the trailer below, and tell us what you’re looking forward to most from the finale movie in the comments!