Celebrate With Us: 2018 Staff Holiday Favorites

Can you believe that 2018 is almost over? It’s okay. Neither can we. For some reason, we can’t wait for this time of year and it always goes faster than the speed of light. Regardless of what you have going on this year, don’t forget to take some time for yourself this holiday season. We know Christmas isn’t the only holiday this time of year so we’ve asked our staff to pick their holiday favorite. If you have a spare moment, don’t forget to check some of these out.

Staff favorites are organized alphabetically by first name.

Name: Andrew S.

Social Media Handles: @drewtos (Twitter/Instagram)

Role/Year Joined: Staff Writer, 2013

Holiday Pick: Go

Why: While it’s not a necessarily a holiday film, and like Die Hard, it can only be referred to as such because it takes place during the holiday season, Go, is an entertaining Pulp Fiction-esq black comedy from 1999 that I love watching this time of year. Heavily influenced by late 90s rave culture, the movie tells 3 separate stories; one involving a young woman becoming a first time drug dealer in an effort to prevent herself from being evicted, another featuring a group of friends who have a wild night in Las Vegas resulting in an unfortunate car chase, and the last one focusing on a couple who find themselves working for the police in order to take down a drug kingpin as a means of clearing their own names. While the movie has its darker moments it’s fun overall, and features a killer soundtrack. If you want to switch things up this season and watch an R-rated black comedy instead of claymation reindeer, then give Go a shot.


Name: Angela

Role/Year Joined: Junior Managing Editor & Contributing Writer, 2012

Holiday Pick: My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories

Why: I admit that I don’t have one particular show or film that I have to watch each year to make it feel like the holidays. I have a Christmas playlist, but it’s too eclectic and long to put here. What I do have, however, is a book of twelve holiday-themed romantic short stories, edited by Stephanie Perkins. The popularity of Hallmark-style Christmas romcoms around this time of year proves that just about everyone loves some good old-fashioned holiday schmoop, and My True Love Gave To Me delivers that in spades. Twelve incredibly well written spades, with contributions from authors like Jenny Han, Matt de la Peña, and Rainbow Rowell. So this holiday season, curl up by a fire with a mug of cocoa, a good book, and enjoy the warm fuzzies inside and out.



Name: Miranda

Social Media Handles: @craetions (Instagram)

Role/Year Joined: Staff Writer, 2015

Holiday Pick: “It’s Not About the Tamales” the Cristela Christmas episode

Why: Cristela was a delightful sitcom that was also the first series to be created, produced, written, and starred in by a Latina, Cristela Alonzo. The series revolved around the aspiring lawyer, Cristela, while she deals with the struggles of being Latina in a white world. The Christmas episode is really all about her complicated relationship with her family and the different tensions that pop up as they try to celebrate Christmas the traditional way. So much of this episode is painfully relatable while also hilarious from the family squabbling, the chaos of the season, the early morning preparations, and the unexpected Jewish guest, Josh, who eventually blends right in. This is one of my favorite episodes of Cristela and I’m still upset that the show was cancelled. But hopefully by sharing this as my favorite, I can still honor the show in some small way.

Name: Chrissy J.

Twitter: @ChrissyRenea7

Joined: Staff Writer, 2018

Holiday Pick: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Why: There is something so endearing about a person, or in this case a creature, who finds happiness and joy after being touched by the Christmas spirit. I’ve watched it since I was a child and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve seen it.

Name: Deb K.

Social Media Handles: IG: @leialavoix

Role/Year Joined: Staff Writer, 2017

Holiday Pick: A Very Brady Christmas

Why: It’s cheesy, endearing, and completely over the top. With the exception of Cindy, all the original actors return to reprise their roles. I find this especially appealing for the nostalgia factor. And, of course, the wildly dramatic ending (no spoilers!) has a lot of heart. If you grew up watching The Brady Bunch, A Very Brady Christmas is a sweet bit of corny holiday fun.

Name: Ivy K.

Twitter: @missminute42

Joined: Guest Writer, 2017

Holiday Pick: Love Actually

Why: It’s totally cheesy and in hindsight kind of problematic in places, but it’s such a classic. It’s all about love and Christmas magic, and never fails to put me in a good mood. We end every Christmas with it.

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