REVIEW: The Good Place S3E9 – Janet(s)

After a brief hiatus, The Good Place is back on our screens this week before going on another hiatus until 2019. However, just like last episode, did they ever leave us on a major cliffhanger this week. As you may recall Michael, Janet, and our four humans enter Janet’s void to escape the Bad Place demons. Upon entering we see that Janet’s void is just a white nothingness, which the four humans can’t exist in, at least not in their usual appearance. Thus they are all taking the appearance of Janet, providing D’arcy Carden the opportunity to essentially play five different characters, and she does such an amazing job that I’m sure Tatiana Maslany would be proud.

Note: When dealing with the humans’ actions in the void I will refer to them as *insert character name here*-Janet to avoid confusion. Or to make it more confusing, I haven’t decided yet.

In the void, the four humans wear the clothes they would usually wear in order to distinguish themselves from each other. Chidi-Janet is doing everything he can to avoid his feelings for Eleanor-Janet. His argument is sound, stating that the Chidi that Eleanor saw wasn’t actually him. But it’s clear he’s avoiding his feelings, going so far as to start another lecture for the other three humans. Eleanor-Janet is insistent, going so far as to pretend to be Jason-Janet to get him to confess. We did learn that ever since he found out about the reboots and such he’s been privately dealing with how to reconcile that, having always craved logic in his life.

Eleanor-Janet begins to lose her sense of self, having never pursued another man as she is with Chidi-Janet and eventually changes to many forms and even loses her memory.

Michael and Janet seek to point out that the point system is flawed and hacked by the Bad Place by going directly into the Accountant’s office. From there we see an amusing breakdown of points and a clear sign that the system is hacked when Doug is immediately dismissed from going into the Good Place because he’s 68 years old. Michael asks the head accountant, played by Stephen Merchant, when the last person got into the good place. OVER FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

Tahani-Janet and Jason-Janet discover that Janet was married to Jason.

The episode comes together when because of the humans conjuring things, and Eleanor losing her identity, Janet’s void is crumbling as is Janet herself. Chidi-Janet brings Eleanor back with an epic kiss which also somehow stabilizes the void and allows the humans to look like themselves again. Unfortunately they’re then thrown out of the void and into the Accountant’s office, placing them in danger again. Michael takes charge by stealing the Accountant’s book and locking the 6 protagonists in a room that leads them into the actual Good Place, confirmed by Eleanor when she can no longer curse. So after 2.79 seasons we’re finally in the real Good Place.


D’arcy’s performance. She crushed it.