‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Holiday Special Set for December

chilling adventures of sabrina

Get ready to spend the winter holidays with Sabrina Spellman! In the teaser for their holiday programming, Netflix revealed a few sneak peeks for a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina holiday special. The special episode is slated to release in mid-December, and although it’s part of a holiday event, it will keep to the show’s timeline so there’s no weird continuity issues to worry about. And the show’s regular cast will all appear for the festivities.

“A Midwinter’s Tale” is set during, of course, the winter solstice. The episode will follow the Church of Night’s celebrations for the longest night of the year, which is sure to include all sorts of interesting pagan traditions. If you like a little more horror and paranormal elements in your holiday tales, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has got you covered.

“A Midwinter’s Tale” will drop on Friday, December 14th exclusively on Netflix.