REVIEW: The Good Place S3E7 – The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

Last week on The Good Place, Eleanor learned that in one of the reboots, she and Chidi fell in love. This week Eleanor demands that Michael shows her what happened in that reboot via Janet’s convenient memory box, formerly being convinced that she was incapable of love. Thus, the audience is treated to a “flashback” episode showing one of the reboots that we previously didn’t get to see. It perhaps is the most similar to the original torture attempt from season 1. Chidi is teaching Eleanor philosophy, Tahani thinks Jason is her soulmate and a Buddhist monk, and Michael is coming up with new ways to torture the group. It’s unsurprisingly great to see the old neighborhood and all the demons in it, especially my favorite (in a blink and you may miss it moment) VICKI. The reboot picks up with Michael concocting a scheme to torture the group by letting them choose a pet. Chidi sees two puppies, one resembling a childhood pet, and can’t choose between them. Eleanor forces him to pick but Chidi is too late and ends up with an owl that expresses hatred towards him in a violent fashion.

Jason wants to choose a penguin, thinking they’re fictional. Sadly we barely get to see him with said non-fictional penguin.

Tahani chooses a “mirror centaur” that is a centaur with the human half being Tahani herself. This is the perfect torture, as the centaur treats Tahani as the old Tahani treated everyone else by criticizing her outfit.

Eleanor chooses a lizard (who has no problem crawling all over Kristen Bell’s head) who ultimately runs away. Chidi appears to help, and Eleanor is so touched she kisses him. Ultimately as a couple they confront Michael about the reboots, where Michael, in all his former evil glory, mocks their love and reveals just how much he was controlling before snapping his fingers, ending that particular reboot.

In the current timeline, seeing this has Eleanor more convinced that she’s incapable of love, believing that the only reason she ended with Chidi is because of Michael’s meddling. This leads to a very interesting debate between the two about Determinism and Free Will. Michael tries his damndest to get Eleanor to see that it wasn’t his doing that caused Chidi to fall in love with her. He succeeds after several more memories and an impassioned plea, stating that if they don’t have free will then the God Squad’s mission is for nothing. This leads Michael to take the gang to a truly free being in rural Canada. Next week should be interesting with seeing this “free being.”

Oh, one more thing, we cut to Shawn and other demons testing out a gateway to Earth. Instead of one of them being the guinea pig to see if it works they instead decide to use…VICKI. She succeeds and Earth has once again been infested by demons in Shawn, Vicki,…and the third one.

Next week truly will be interesting.


Seeing evil Michael again

Chidi and Eleanor

The “worst use of free will” being picking up someone from the airport.

The whole debate of determinism vs free will.

Michael’s chart of Eleanor’s past, complete with her crush on Sam the Eagle from The Muppets.