This ‘Shadowhunters’ 3B Sneak Peek Has Our Heart!


Oh how I miss them…and this show.

When the announcement of the official Shadowhunters season 3B air date occurred, word on social media was that a special Malec treat would premiere on Monday as well. Boy, did they not disappoint.

In our first glance at season 3B (it’s been way too long!), we see one of our favorite Shadowhunters couples, Magnus and Alec, in an incredibly sweet scene! Apparently it’s Alec’s day off and Magnus wants to “make the most out of it.” So what does he do? Bring Alec breakfast in bed complete with red rose and all. Queue the “Awws!”

“That’s actually really sweet,” replies Alec. My thoughts exactly!

What’s most interesting about this sneak peek, is not the adorable Malec moment, but the real attention getter and premise of the ad. Freeform has teamed up with the company Attn:, to encourage people to “march to the polls” this election day and vote!

So what starts as an attention grabbing sneak peek of your favorite Freeform show, ends with the tagline: “Now that we’ve got your attention. March to the Polls!”

Thoughts on this type of advertising and of course the sneak peek? I will admit, I was a little confused at first that we were getting sneak peeks for shows like ShadowhuntersSiren, and Cloak and Dagger, that aren’t airing well into the new year. But when I realized the approach Freeform was trying to make, I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

New episodes of Shadowhunters premiere on Monday February 25th, 2019 on Freeform.