The Mermaids Are Here in this ‘Siren’ Season 2 Sneak Peek!


More Mermaids, More Problems.

When the Siren season 2 trailer (can be viewed below) was revealed last month at NYCC, we got a glimpse at what’s in store for our Bristol Cove residents and mermaid. But in this newly released sneak peek, we see just how dire merfolk coming on land could actually be for all parties involved. That includes the merpeople.

In the sneak peek, Ben, Maddie, Ryn, and merman, Levi, arrive at Helen’s to find she practically has a pod of merpeople in her living room! “What are they doing here?” says Helen and I’m sure the entire Siren fandom. “There was a disturbance in the water – sound waves,” says Ben. “They were forced out,” Maddie adds. Okay, I need more information on this please! Military/Government strike back?

While Ben, Maddie, and Helen are trying to figure this out, the merfolk in the room are far more interested in Ryn. “They thought I was dead,” explains Ryn, when they all crowd around her. Seeing how I believe Ryn is the leader of all the mermaids, it makes sense why they react this way.

Not only is this sneak peek used to hype up the upcoming Siren season, but there’s also something attention grabbing about it. Freeform has teamed up with the company Attn:, to encourage people to “march to the polls” this election day and vote!

So what starts as an attention grabbing sneak peek of your favorite Freeform show, ends with the tagline: “Now that we’ve got your attention. March to the Polls!”

Thoughts on this type of advertising and of course the sneak peek? I will admit, I was a little confused at first that we were getting sneak peeks for shows like Siren, Shadowhunters, and Cloak & Dagger, that aren’t airing well into the new year. But when I realized the approach Freeform was taking, I couldn’t be more here for it. Plus, from a sneak peek standpoint, I’m even more intrigued and excited for Siren‘s second season, so A+, Freeform!

Season 2 of Siren premieres on Thursday January 24th, 2019 on Freeform.

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