Shadowhunters’ Final 12 Episodes Get Air Date!


Credit: Freeform

Hello, Shadowhunters fans! It’s been quite some time since we’ve had any news on the supernatural series to share. The months (which felt like years) have ticked by. The Shadowhunters auction took place a couple months ago (I managed to win a wallet from the show!). Now the only news we had to look forward to was when the last remaining episodes were airing and with that, any footage of said new episodes.

Well, we finally got the answer to one of those questions! Shadowhunters‘ 3B will start airing its final episodes on Monday February 25th, 2019! Titled “The Final Hunt,” Freeform will premiere the remaining 10 episodes of season 3, as well as the two part series finale. A newly released poster with the air date listed can be viewed to the left.

Thoughts on the air date? Like I’m sure the rest of you feel, I would have loved for at least 10 out of 12 episodes to be airing sooner rather than later (especially the Halloween episode!), but thinking positively, at least the air date isn’t in May – a year after season 2 was aired.

Now all we need is a teaser or trailer! Which, based on Isaiah Mustafa’s Instagram story, he might be providing very soon?