‘Timeless’ 2-Hour Movie Gets Air Date

timeless ensemble

Get ready to save Rufus, Timeless fans! After a rough road of cancellations and incredible fan campaigns, we finally have a bit of good news. NBC has released the air date for the two-hour Timeless movie, and it looks like we’ll be spending the holidays with the Time Team in the Lifeboat traveling through the past, present, and future. Not such a bad gift, right? The special event will air on December 20th at 8/7c on NBC, months after the show’s second cancellation. While the cast and crew have already begun filming the movie—teasing pictures and videos on social media in celebration—they’re keeping very tight-lipped on the plot details. This includes, of course, which time periods they might be visiting in their quest to save the heart of the Time Team.

And even if this is meant to be the way NBC wraps up the series, giving the characters the satisfying conclusion they all deserve, fans are holding onto the hope that a season 3 of Timeless might still be possible. Following a string of creative campaigns to bring attention to their beloved show—including that now famous banner that flew over SDCC this summer—the Clockblockers are at it again. Another social media campaign raised thousands for their cause, and now there’s plans in place for a massive ad in the middle of Times Square. Fans are using their resources to advertise Timeless to give the ratings on streaming platforms such as Hulu a boost, since the renewed interest could help the series get its third season.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this isn’t the end for Timeless! But, in the meantime, stock up on those Chocodiles and give the first two seasons a rewatch before December.

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