Netflix Cancels ‘Luke Cage’

Apparently canceling Iron Fist last week was not Netflix’s last move in regards to its Marvel properties. The streaming service has just announced the cancellation of Luke Cage.

Last week’s cancellation prompted speculation about whether Marvel might be planning to move their properties to the streaming service that their parent company, Disney, will be launching soon. However, THR reports that the cancellation was due to creative differences and an inability to agree to terms during discussion over a third season.

Two of Marvel’s other Netflix shows, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, are already getting third seasons (with the former available for streaming now). In addition, The Punisher‘s second season is expected to air next year.

With that in mind, I wonder if it’s too much to hope for that we might see Mike Colter’s Luke in another series – maybe “Heroes For Hire,” with the return of Danny Rand, or even “Daughters of the Dragon,” which would feature Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Personally, I would be very disappointed if this was just the end of his story. There was so much more to learn about Luke, and to anticipate in terms of character growth. Plus, Misty had just gotten her bionic arm! We can’t let that go to waste.

More importantly, though, there’s nothing like Luke Cage on TV right now: the characters, the cast, the show creators, the music. It would be a shame to lose that.