REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S9 Ep2 – The Bridge

The Walking Dead, S9 Ep2 – The Bridge

The second episode of The Walking Dead showed another time jump as Rick continued to build his new world, while chaos brewed just below the surface. Rick narrates the episode’s events to an unseen audience (at first) though it quickly became obvious that he was addressing the imprisoned Negan.

Things were going well so far. The communities were working together to build a bridge, in more ways than one. Despite their differences, there seemed to be minimal tension and they had found a way to share their resources.

The Walking Dead, S9 Ep2 – The BridgeThis chapter also featured a fairly thrilling and novel action sequence, which is becoming increasingly challenging on The Walking Dead, with huge logs crushing the soft and squishy zombie heads. And even with all the capable fighters present, one could not help but worry about the group when the horde wandered into what was supposed to be a safe space.

While no one died this time, the episode still had a casualty in Aaron whose arm had to be amputated by Enid, who was forced to graduate quickly from her medical training with Siddiq. At least Aaron is someone we actually care about, having been on The Walking Dead for a few seasons, and having been a staunch supporter of Rick.

The Walking Dead, S9 Ep2 – The BridgeThe character we know little of but who is clearly supposed to be significant is Justin. He’s notable mostly because he’s played by Zach McGowan (Black Sails), who is charismatic and whose presence begs to be recognized. He was obviously trouble from the start and we wonder why he had been given such a crucial responsibility that ultimately led to the herd making their way to the workers. He was quickly banished from the group, only to be killed (or kidnapped?) by some unknown group. I do hope this isn’t the last we see of him otherwise it would have been a waste of McGowan.

After last week’s gruesome execution, Maggie seems to have calmed down and taken stock of the situation. She is still wary of the Saviors (and I can’t blame her) so that’s a source of tension still between her and Rick. But after a heartfelt conversation with Earl as well as a sharing of wisdom by Michonne, Maggie is in a better place and is willing to be the leader the Hilltop needs.

The Walking Dead, S9 Ep2 – The BridgeCarol and Ezekiel continued to be the adorable, supportive, and kick-ass couple of the show. I love all their little moments together and just generally seeing Carol smile and be happy is a balm on the show. But since this is The Walking Dead, I also worry if beloved characters are shown to be in happy situations because you just know that this is the build up to some great tragedy.

The new couple that seems to have come out of nowhere was Gabriel and Jadis (Anne), who seem to have been randomly thrown together because there was nothing interesting left for the characters to do. At least Carol and Ezekiel’s relationship has been built up over the course of two seasons but this new pairing is just too weird. But it’s happening anyway.

Things seem to be going well on the surface, and Rick may have become complacent in his newfound optimistic worldview. But the seeds of mystery have been sown from the helicopter, the strangers who grabbed Zach McGowan, and the barely-restrained resentment of people towards the Saviors. We’re not too far from breaking point and even Negan knows that it’s only a matter of time before the world dissolves into chaos once more.