REVIEW: The Good Place S3E3 – “The Snowplow”

Michael and Janet escape back to Earth, where they immediately get a message from The Judge via a ringing key. She is naturally furious with them and warns them to never come back, otherwise they’ll regret it. They find an abandoned room (that is meant to be a journalism office) near Chidi’s office where they can spy on the group via security cameras Janet set up.

We then speed through an entire year of the group’s program. The program gets more funding and they celebrate with a picture and delicious cupcakes. Three months later Eleanor needs money, but getting a job will limit her time with the group, so Michael and Janet help her win the lottery (with tickets that were printed before the events of this episode).

Three months after that, apparently during Christmas, Tahani makes a move on Jason which has the likelihood of splitting the group, so Michael and Janet work against that (Janet having ulterior motives). Tahani runs into the least famous Hemsworth, Larry, a pediatric surgeon with self-esteem issues. Jason meets an Australian group of Jaguars fanatics whom he bonds with.

Six months later, Tahani reveals that she and Larry are engaged and are moving to London. She invites the group to her “Heir” bnb, which is a large mansion, for her engagement party. It’s a highly fancy party, where the group (in their casual attire) stick out like a sore thumb. With Tahani’s impending departure, Chidi and Simone decide to end the lessons and analyze the results, much to Eleanor’s disappointment. Michael, in his disguise as a cocktail waiter, encourages her to try to keep the group and study together. When that doesn’t work, Eleanor throws an entirely immature tantrum, destroying a cake (that had the group’s picture on it).

Eleanor runs into Simone outside and attempts to learn why she threw that tantrum. Simone explains the “Me vs Us” and “Us vs Them” stages of a person, and how Eleanor is still in the first stage. Eleanor apologizes to the group, who then make plans for an annual reunion. Michael panics and ultimately decides to reboot the group yet again. They open the door to the afterlife, but are caught by the group.

This episode tried to replicate the multiple timelines episode we got last season with all the time jumps, and just like with that episode I would have loved to see the in-between of it all. I didn’t like or dislike this episode. It was necessary and had some humorous moments. The cliffhanger was undeniably the best part of the episode, and I don’t know how Michael will talk his way out of it. If he even does, that is.

Simone is a great addition to the group and the show. The actress has a nice chemistry with the other characters, highlighted in her scene with Eleanor at the episode’s end.


Larry having such incredibly low self-esteem despite being a fit and good-looking doctor.

Tahani’s constant name-dropping and obvious sexual puns.

Janet’s love for Jason being as strong as ever.