NYCC 2018: Interviews with the Cast & Producers of ‘Siren’!

At this year’s New York Con, we got to interview the producers and cast of Freeform’s hit mermaid drama, Siren. With the highly anticipated season 2 right around the corner, there were so many questions that we just had to fish out of them – like more mermaids, will they dive into more mythology, and will our favorite possible relationship happen?

Fola Evans-Akingbola (Maddie), Eline Powell (Ryn) & Alex Roe (Ben):
When trying to tease the “dangerous territory” that is season 2 of Sireneach cast member gave an interesting take on it. “Yes, there are more mermaids,” Powell says, “but what impact that has on all the characters is what makes season 2 really intense. Because everything is getting affected by that.” It definitely impacts our trio in a challenging way.

Evans-Akingbola and Roe state that everyone is dealing with their own issues. Evans-Akingbola makes a really great comparison of season 2 to that of puzzle pieces. Various aspects of the season are on lying on the ground. Which one is worth worth picking up, what’s worth fighting for, etc.?

With Maddie’s Mom, Susan, coming back, Evans-Akingbola says that it means home is no longer a sanctuary for her. It pushes Maddie away from her family and towards other forms of comfort. Ryn and/or Ben perhaps?

When asked how Ryn feels about being on land, Powell considers it a “somber situation” for her. “Yes, she’s on land but her sister died, she’s had a bad effect on Ben, that was never her intent..she wants to fight very hard to make this work, in order to forget some of the bad things that have gone on. Her resolution is: move forward in order to not look back.” She needs to make this human life work, and that includes the good and bad aspects of it

Lastly, we had to bring up Ryn, Ben, and Maddie’s relationship (polymarine as fans have dubbed it), and whether it was going to develop into this unbreakable bond. Powell said the foundation between the three is so strong, whether you see them as friends, more, etc. “It’s inevitable that they have to interact again and that history that was put there in season one is gonna have an effect on their interactions this season.”

We’ve had many scenes of them in pairs (Ben/Maddie, Ben/Maddie, and Ryn/Maddie), but we’ve had a select few of them displaying their relationship as a trio, so I hope we get more of that with this season.

Siren‘s Executive Producers – Eric Wald & Emily Whitesell:

I’ve said this before, but it’s true – if you want to get the inside scoop on your favorite show, ask the producers/creators of it! Eric Wald and Emily Whitesell filled us in on so many Siren secrets that we can expect to be delved into this time around.

For instance, Helen will meet someone else like her that has mermaid blood in them! I didn’t even think that was a story that was on the table to be told, so I’m incredibly interested in seeing that! Like Helen, I thought she was the only one.

When it comes to the second season, both co-creators are trying to keep the elements that fans loved from the first season very much prevalent. “But we love the mixture of the relationship aspect of it, and the reality with the darkness,” says Whitesell. Similar to most Freeform shows, they’re filming both parts of the season together, but they’re going to air separately. Part one will have Ryn in Bristol Cove and on land, then it’s hinted that possibly in the second part Ryn will go back to her home and we’ll see her mermaid world as well. Given how her world is underwater, I’m curious to see how they’ll depict her former world. “They live in a place that’s deeper than we’ve been able to explore,” says Whitesell. I’m imagining an Anglerfish will make an appearance? How do you see Siren depicting the mermaid world? Will it be told entirely underwater?

And of course Wald and Whitesell had things to say about Ryn, Maddie, and Ben, or the “thruple” as they call them. The trio have to separate to figure out personal matters, but “they do come back together, we just love that dynamic of the ‘thruple’ we call it. And seeing them together and where that can go and I feel like it’s a chance to tell a really unconventional relationship story,” says Wald. With Ryn not from our world and unknowing about the prejudices to certain relationships, they’re trying to tell this story in a very different way and with evident care. They’re just three people that care about each other. If that’s not confirmation that this trio will happen, I don’t know what is.

What are you most excited to see in the upcoming Siren season?

Season Two of Siren premieres on Thursday, January 24, 2019 on Freeform.