REVIEW: The Good Place S3E2 – The Brainy Bunch

This week on The Good Place our group has been infiltrated by the most evil of all demons, Trevor, who seeks to torture and split the group by being overly cheerful and friendly. Michael and Janet are very concerned and they both sneak on to Earth to make sure that he does not succeed. Trevor suggests a bonding outing at a stereotypically American restaurant with an extra charge for the staff being rude to other customers, and a real gun that goes off when a table is ready. Janet shows up as their waitress in order to keep Trevor from splitting the group. She’s out of her element, unable to summon things on Earth and it’s got her out of sorts. Trevor suggests to Chidi that it may not be professional to dine with his test subjects. Chidi then separates himself from the group and eventually leaves, despite the efforts of Eleanor, and Michael as the Australian librarian. The latter asserts he will be able to help because he’s “been in every situation” because he’s a librarian. When Chidi and Eleanor leave, Tahani and Jason also leave together after some mild flirting.

Chidi is burdened with what Trevor said and couldn’t get more than 8 non-consecutive minutes of sleep. At the group meeting, we learn that nothing happened between Tahani and Jason, while Eleanor skips that day’s lesson. Chidi then leaves, citing his extreme exhaustion and inability to see or even know how to leave a room, but actually shows up to Eleanor’s hotel and convinces her to rejoin “The Brainy Bunch.”

In another bathroom confrontation between Trevor and Michael & Janet, the doorman shows up saying the judge wants to see all three of them. She throws Adam to somewhere telekinetically, or whatever powers she has. The judge forbids Michael from intervening and insist that he and Janet go to the Bad Place, where’ll Janet’ll be shut down and Michael will be retired, which means he will be sent to the stars as a random particle. A distraction emerges when all of the things Janet tried to summon appear, and there are a lot of them. The two make a break for it, aided by the doorman (who’s named Jeffrey), possibly because of the gift Michael gave him last week, and go back to Earth with the key.

This show continually jams what other shows would spend episodes or even a season on all into one episode, and somehow doesn’t lose speed. It’s amazing. This week was another stellar episode, primarily due to Adam Scott’s Trevor. The simple and subtle ways he showcases himself to be the absolute worst, from telling Janet to smile more to touching a public toilet just to spread the germs, are ingenious and possibly disgusting.

The continual friendship development of Eleanor and Chidi is always great to see. They truly are each other’s soulmates; whether that is romantic or not is largely irrelevant. What I don’t particularly like isn’t something that was explicitly in this episode, but the hint that the characters will once again be separate from each other. It seems to be Michael and Janet, Jason and Tahani, and Eleanor and Chidi all in separate story lines, when they should spend more time building bonds outside of those pairings. I may be jumping the gun, but it is what kind of happened last season.


Adam Scott.

Michael’s inability to find a comeback to Trevor’s Dick Tracy burn.

Michael the librarian. From the library.

Jason believing the MRI machine is radioactive and bringing a spider to make it radioactive and then bite him.

The ripple effects that Trevor Michael and Janet’s interference caused: Brexit, The Greatest Showman‘s success, Jaguars going to the playoffs (Bortles!).