YouTube Releases Music Video for New Korean Drama “Top Management”

If you saw a notification for a video by a new group called S.O.U.L. (Sound of Ultra Light), fear not. Cha Eunwoo is not abandoning ASTRO and Ahn Hyo Seop has not quit acting. Instead, it’s one more element of a multi-platform preparation for YouTube Premium’s YouTube Premium’sfirst foray into Korean drama. As previously reported by Soompi, the boys will be starring in a new drama called Top Management about a psychic entertainment manager who uses her clairvoyance to garner fame for her latest Kpop group. Bang Jaemin and Joong Yoo Ahn make up the other two members of the fictitious boyband, while Seo Eun Soo will play the ambitious manager.

The drama is based on a web novel, and an instagram for S.O.U.L. was created prior to the release of the group’s “debut.” With real-life Kpop bands like BTS taking the world – and especially the United States – by storm, it’s no surprise to see a story about what goes on behind the scenes. And given the online popularity of Korean dramas worldwide, it was only a matter of time until  another streaming service such as YouTube wants to get in on the game. With Hulu keeping older dramas in its repertoire and Netflix obtaining rights to release them at the same time as they air, the natural next step was for one of the services to start producing dramas of their own. The only question is whether viewers might be overloaded trying to decide between the different options, because no one has time or money enough for them all.

Regardless, the immersion method as a way to advertise Top Management has to be admired. Plenty of commenters believed that these four singer-actors had actually joined their own group, either disbanding from previous ones or branching out from acting. The song is also currently available on iTunes, and the promotional team is letting viewers figure things out for themselves by making sure none of the official links point to the drama they’re meant for. We’ll find out next month how successful a gamble that is.

You can check out the bright and colorful video below: