REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep15 – I Lose People

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep15 – I Lose People

The penultimate episode of Fear the Walking Dead season 4 brought about more reunions, a sacrifice, and another round of plot contrivances.

Anyone who’s been following the show for the past 15 episodes knows that it’s been a season full of implausible occurrences and inconsistencies. This episode was no different as we had the big reunion of all the main cast, a confrontation with the villain of the season, and the loss of a character who was annoying to begin with.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep15 – I Lose PeopleJim was only around because of his beer recipe and in the end, he didn’t have the motivation to keep living and just dictated his recipe to Sarah before sacrificing himself to save the others. No one is really sorry to see him go at this point.

We picked up where last episode ended, with Alicia and Charlie finding Strand and John. The two girls manage to find Al’s vehicle and they drive it through the flood waters that were stranding (pun intended) the two men on an island.

Again with the convenient tools and this whole escapade diminishes the impact of Blackjack, one of the better episodes of the season. Why was the water not as deep as it looked a couple of episodes ago? Where was the hungry gator? Turns out he was just another plot device to help build the characters of John and Strand, and to keep them in one place until other members of the group eventually picked them up.

As other reviewers have noted, the loss of Nick and Madison really pulled down the quality of Fear the Walking Dead. Nick’s death happened so abruptly and though it was powerful to have Alicia forgive Charlie for killing him, Alicia’s newfound compassion for even a nefarious character like Martha, seems misplaced.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep15 – I Lose PeopleSpeaking of Martha, for all the mystery surrounding her character, she isn’t really that compelling of a villain, and is more of a nuisance that the group needs to deal with than any real threat. They should have just left her by the side of the road and I don’t even see how she could make any difference now that everyone has effectively left her behind at the hospital anyway.

Speaking of the escape from the hospital, one has to admire Morgan’s aim and how he managed to toss a walker accurately from seven stories high. It was also very convenient of the gang to find a fire truck with a functional ladder that they could use to save him. There was never any doubt that he would be saved, even if he had to risk leaping down a few floors. I wonder if at this point Morgan is going to push through with his plan of reuniting with Rick and the others. Would that be the end of Fear the Walking Dead or will it just merge the characters with the main show?

Some are wondering if it’s even worth renewing Fear the Walking Dead for a fifth season given all the major changes, the general lack of direction this season, and the abundance of annoying plot contrivances. Clearly next week, during the show’s finale, the group is going to reunite with Al and then put an end to Martha once and for all. And then what?