Character Update: Hulu’s The First S1E4 – S1E7

Hulu has officially dropped the entire first season of its new near-future drama, The First. Have you taken a look at our basic fact sheet about it yet? You can read it here if you’d like. Here’s our main cast breakdown for S1E4 – S1E7.

Please be advised that the next four episodes get very personal for our characters.

Content warning: drugs, sex, suicide, and violence.

Laz: When we first met Laz, she normally stuck to her talking points. As we move forward in the show, we start to see a more human side of her. In addition to making sure Vista stays on track, she’s also a divorced mother who treasures spending time with her children. She answered Denise’s call for help and even let her stay at their house when it wasn’t safe for her at Tom’s. She doesn’t give up on herself and her team.

Tom: Tom may have done great things in his career but he doesn’t necessarily know how to be a great family man. He tries, but his anger and frustration can get the best of him. Especially if the situation makes him really uncomfortable. We have seen him lash out before, but sometimes it’s too late before he realizes what he has done. At least he’s willing to own up to his mistakes and talk it out.

Denise: Denise goes through hell and back.  Even though her storyline gets distracting sometimes, she’s the most developed character in the show. You see her go through things that a child shouldn’t witness but fights back each time. She couldn’t save her mother but she’s a lot stronger than she knows. Nobody said the path to recovery was going to be easy.

Kayla: Ever since she was a little girl, Kayla has always wanted to go to space. When she becomes commander after the Providence I tragedy, she works hard to prove her worth. Her confidence gets tested when Tom comes back. I’m glad she gets the opportunity to speak her opinion and stand up for herself. She was a colonel after all. She also has great support from her partner.

Sadie: Sadie has never been to space before but has a strong biology and geology background. Kayla tried to fight for her, but Laz and Tom ultimately decided to cut her after her performance during the survival exercise. Despite the fact that she was cut, she stays on as an alternate and helps out where she can. She believes she still has a chance and holds on to that hope. This is causing a rift in her marriage because her husbands wants to settle down and have children.

Aiko: Aiko is the systems expert and has decided to help Eitan and his team come up with a solution for the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) malfunction. It takes them a while to get there, but they finally figure out a way to make it work. Meanwhile at home, her husband has pitched in taking care of the children. They don’t necessarily say it in the show, but Aiko’s mom has early stages of Alzheimers. Before she signs on for the mission, they come to a mutual agreement that her mom has to be sent to a home. Her mom agrees so her daughter can fulfill her dreams.

Matteo: Matteo is the medic. He has earned his spot on the team but ever since the tank training, he noticed there was something wrong with his health. He kept his condition quiet because he thought it would heal, but when it came time to signing his life away to the mission, he decided to reveal his condition and step down. According to Tom, he’s confident in their triage training and his cut won’t be a loss. He also designed a hologram program for them to use, just in case they don’t make it and have to tell something to their loved ones.

Nick: Nick is a former Coast Guard pilot. Ever since the survival exercise, he has felt some guilt. He appreciates the fact that Sadie has stayed on to help him learn the science he lacks. Laz starts doubting his performance a bit but doesn’t tell him. Based on what we’ve learned, it looks like he doesn’t have much support at home so he considers the crew his family. We don’t really get to know him that well besides some of the rescue stories he brings up earlier in the season.

Eitan: Ever since they discovered a malfunction with the MAV, that has become his top priority. He is a former NASA employee who sometimes doubts why he came over to Vista but hangs on with the project.

Lawrence: I haven’t really talked about him much. He’ll be brought up in the final wrap up for season 1.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading along! What are some of your favorite or least favorite things about the show? What are your expectations for the season finale? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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