REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep14 – MM 54

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep14 - MM 54

The action picks up the pace in this week’s installment of Fear the Walking Dead as we learn more about the Filthy Woman and Morgan steps up as the leader of the group.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep14 - MM 54It turns out, Filthy Woman was a teacher who suffered a loss of a loved one, like most characters on this show, and this somehow twisted her enough for her to transform into the villain that she is today. While the episode devoted time to her backstory, I wasn’t really sold on how she transitioned from grieving victim to ruthless and murderous (and filthy) antagonist.

Her attacks did provide an opportunity for the group to come together, with the two truckers (and Jim) working with Morgan and the others to try and survive. For someone so unstable, she shows such dedication, though she is not as fascinating as I thought she would be.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep14 - MM 54Another reviewer notes that Morgan is beginning to come into his own on this show, really taking the lead in a way that he did not have to do while he was with Rick or King Ezekiel. But he takes responsibility and is clearly determined for everyone to survive this newest ordeal. I wouldn’t worry about Althea’s fate for now, though things may seem a bit dire. It was great to see the group working together and Wendell prove to be a truly badass member of the team.

There’s still a hopeful end to this episode as the two sub-groups cross paths at last. Alicia seems determined to do something good for Charlie and her intentions have led to some unexpectedly happy results. I’ve talked about the role of coincidences as plot devices this season and that continues here as Alicia and Charlie “stumble upon” what is obviously  the sight of Strand and John Dorie. With two episodes left in this season of Fear the Walking Dead, the main group will be coming together for one big fight.