PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #56 – Hot Messes and Good Shows

We got a bunch of movie and TV news this week and most of it was a big ol’ mess. But first Valerie, Tatiana and Angela do our first feedback section (2:00). Then we deal with Henry Cavill leaving Superman behind (4:50), American Gods Season 2 looking grim (20:20), as well as more information on Venom, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and His Dark Materials (32:45, except the last one’s not a mess at all!).

Moving onto more composed topics, Valerie gives her review of Hulu’s The First (48:50) while Tatiana and Angela debut The KDrama Corner (1:06:45) with discussion of the recently concluded My ID is Gangnam Beauty, the long-concluded Wok of Love and the newborn baby that is 100 Days My Prince. This, of course, leads to the twentieth discussion of age gaps in media (1:21:10), but we promise we say something new this time!

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