REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep13 – Blackjack

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep13 – Blackjack

Fear the Walking Dead treated us to an adventure with an odd couple and a vicious gator while Luciana had a meaningful encounter with a fascinating stranger.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep13 – BlackjackAs we continue to catch up with the main cast after the storm, we got to see the clash of optimism and pessimism as John Dorie and Victor Strand found themselves “bunkmates” in the aftermath of the storm. They had an interesting dynamic because they while they are both foils for each other, John with his boundless hope for humanity and Strand with his selfishness and materialism, they have also both suffered great loss.

But while Strand chooses to wallow in his misery and to find some alcohol to help soothe his deep wounds, John has never let his pain overpower him and he continues to think the best of the world, even one as twisted as that on Fear the Walking Dead. John is determined to build a boat to get to the other shore while Strand watches in amusement. There’s the additional peril of a live, hungry gator swimming in the water, just waiting for its next meal.

But John’s attempts to escape their island fail, and even he is forced to give up for a time, allowing Strand some satisfaction in his defeat. John is not so easily daunted though, and I hope that with more exposure to such pure hope, Strand might find himself slightly altering his current dire world view.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep13 – BlackjackMeanwhile, Luciana finally gets some significant screen time and a sense of direction. After Nick’s death, she has also been wallowing in her grief and one wonders what else is left for her to do. But she stumbles upon a dying man, Clayton, whose last wish is for a beer, and by spending time with him during his last moments, she acquires a new energy to keep surviving and to keep helping people.

And because Fear the Walking Dead these days is full of contrivances, Luciana stumbles upon a supply box with a beer and she manages to grant the old man’s dying wish. The characters on the show seem to find supply boxes as if they are playing the mobile game The Walking Dead Our World.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep13 – BlackjackClayton reveals that he is the benevolent trucker called Polar Bear which makes me wonder again about the Filthy Woman and her sinister motives. Luciana later finds her way to Morgan and company.

This season is filled with lazy coincidences as plot devices to bring everyone back together. So, of course, Charlie and Alicia pick up a walkie-talkie that allows them to contact Morgan and his group. But they get in touch at a bad moment as the Filthy Woman speeds towards Morgan’s group, driving Al’s van, and unleashes bullets on them. A tense cliffhanger for both the audience and for Alicia and Charlie, but one that at least raises the stakes for the rest of the season.