REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep11 – The Code

Fear the Walking Dead The Code3

Morgan goes on his own adventure, as he tends to do, on this week’s installment of Fear the Walking Dead. The storm had effectively split up our main cast, with last week focusing on Alicia and Charlie, while this time we catch up with Morgan, who goes of in search of Alicia and ends up meeting a bunch of new people.

He wanders into a trailer filled with supplies labeled ‘Take what you need, leave what you don’t. See you further up the road.’ He also talks to a someone on the other side of a walkie-talkie. In an awkward moment and one of the rare scenes of levity on a show like Fear the Walking Dead, someone interrupts Morgan as he’s taking a dump. He then meets Wendell and Sarah, two truckers who have been ‘kept on trucking’ ever since the world went to hell. At first he thinks they are potential allies, and he asks them for help searching his friends. They seem to oblige.

As he goes on, he rescues a man with a bag on his head who introduces himself as Jim and talks all about his special skill being brewing beer, a task he believes to be instrumental in the overall quest to rebuild humanity. And, it turns out, Sarah and Wendell are big fans of his brew, so much so that they attempted to kidnap him. They catch up with Morgan and Jim and try to force the former to give up details of Alexandria.

He staunchly refuses and at one point, they leave him tied up alone and on top of a car surrounded by walkers. He tries to ask for their help but they leave him to his devices. Luckily for him, he’s Morgan, so of course he finds a way out of that mess and slays those walkers, emerging from the chaos with nary a scratch.

Fear the Walking Dead The Code4He gave them bogus directions to Virginia so they come back for him and he finally convinces the truckers to take him along, but on the condition that he leaves boxes of supplies, also labeled ‘Take what you need, leave what you don’t. See you further up the road.’ He attempts to reach out to the owner of the truck via walkie-talkie, convinced that the person needs help. But it looks like Morgan’s faith in humanity’s inherent tendency towards goodness may lead him and his newfound allies to some serious trouble.

The episode ends with Fear the Walking Dead introduces its latest villain, a mysterious woman who declares that she’s going to Texas.

According to, showrunner Andrew Chambliss had teased the arrival of this new antagonist, saying:

“The storm is the thing that makes the world a lot harder to live in, but there will be someone cropping up who is going to really test all our characters in ways that they didn’t expect and this antagonist — I don’t want to give away too much about who this person is — may know a lot more about our characters, or have insight into who they are, and what they’re going through in ways that our characters don’t even have.”

So it looks like our characters will have a lot more to put up with than wandering walkers, internal grief, and inclement weather.