REVIEW: Sacred Games S01E04 – “Brahmahatya”

Concluding the first half of the season, this episode advances both the present day story as well as Gaitonde’s backstory, and features a shocking revelation about Kuku. I always was intrigued by the flashback scenes, but my main interest in the previous three episodes was with the present day story. However, with this episode that changes at least temporarily. In the flashbacks, Gaitonde becomes involved with local politics knowing it will further his power, but learns just how deep religion wars go with Hindus and Muslims. He does his best to be neutral, including having his gang members be of both religions, but ultimately realizes that there will always be a divide.

In this episode, Kuku’s role in the series has a very dramatic turn, with a shocking revelation that she is a hermaphrodite. I can honestly say that I never saw that coming, nor would I even consider it an option knowing that Indian television and movies are typically chaste in such matters. It gave Kuku a new dimension to her character, as well as with Gaitonde with his coming to terms with it and accepting her regardless. Unfortunately, in a gang shoot-off she is a casualty, rendering the whole point moot. Her death did give me pause, and made question the purpose of this story knowing that they were just going to kill Kuku anyways.

In the present, Sartaj is captured by Bunty and his men, but manages to escape. He and Anjali, the RAW agent, work to figure out the mystery of what’s happening in 20+ days. Their use of the actress Nayanika proves to be a failure and has the consequence of her being beaten by Bunty. Anjali attempts to strike a deal with Bunty; if he tells what he knows Anjali will make sure he gets to leave the city.

Now things are getting interesting with the end of the first half of the season. Simultaneously we are getting answers about Gaitonde, but then we are raising new questions. This series knows how to keep its audience invested.