REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep10 – Close Your Eyes

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep10 - Close Your Eyes

The second episode of Fear the Walking Dead is a powerful and moving chapter, featuring only Alicia and Charlie, trapped together in a house in the middle of the vicious storm. As far as bottle episodes go, not all attempts at such a structure are successful but this one was effective because it was a way of somehow enabling a reconciliation between two people despite a seemingly unforgivable act. As with the main show, Fear the Walking Dead is always stronger when it focuses on building its characters rather than just throwing hordes of walkers for them to cut down.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep10 - Close Your EyesThis brings forth the idea that in a world overrun by the dead, the one still has to find faith in the living, no matter what they have done. We were all furious at Charlie for shooting Nick, and no one more than Alicia. But in the end, when faced with the person who made her lose her family, even Alicia could not pull the trigger.

This was a turning point for both characters as this experience was instrumental in exorcising some of Alicia’s demons and bringing some kind of redemption arc of Charlie. Despite the abhorrent things she has had to do to survive, this episode reminds us that Charlie is still just a child, and one who had endured horrendous experiences, like watching her parents turn to walkers.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep10 - Close Your EyesNo other show would probably have enabled a reconciliation between two people in such a way, but Fear the Walking Dead manages it in a simple, subtle way and in one that does justice to the characters and their pains.

The scene with Alicia “taking” Charlie to the beach by vividly describing it to her was a quiet respite in the midst of the pain and despair.  The final scene was painful even if it allowed for them to become unlikely allies.  But since the season’s second half has just begun, I am fairly confident that Strand, Luciana, John, June, and Morgan are still out there somewhere and they will cross pat cross paths with our girls sooner or later. At least they have each other as they take their next journey.