SDCC 2018: Secrets from the LEGO DC Super-Villains Game

The highly anticipated LEGO DC Super-Villains game is coming to a console near you on October 16th, but first With An Accent had a chance to chat with the masterminds behind the adventure at San Diego Comic Con. Check out the interviews with the cast and crew below, then pre-order your copy for what’s sure to be another success on LEGO’s books.

Director Arthur Parsons and voice actress Julie Nathanson had no trouble explaining the appeal of such a game to audiences. “Everyone ever that’s played a LEGO game has wanted to play villains,” Parsons said. “And when we talk to kids that’s all they want to do.” Nathanson added that it’s not about bad behavior, either. “Even for a good-hearted person, it’s so fun to play in the dark.”

Silver Banshee, her character, is making her first appearance in this series of games. “You get great characters like Silver Banshee, and then some really weird ones like Toyman and Ventriloquist,” Parsons teased. “I don’t know that I would even think about a different,” Nathanson mentioned, referring to the last time she played the role in a Suicide Squad game. “It’s just a different universe.” But Parsons came to her rescue with one difference in particular: humor. “We wanted to make the funniest LEGO game we’ve done, and you can do that because villains are terrible at everything they do.”

Kevin Conroy, who has played Batman for many years now, and DC Entertainment’s VP of Animation Ames Kirshen also had a lot of thoughts to share about LEGO DC Super-Villains. “There were levels upon levels of villains,” Conroy mentioned when discussing Bruce’s role in the game. “So it makes my job that much more complicated.” He also expressed his love of lighter fare. “In a project like this, you get to do both. You get to be the dark, [brooding] character but in a slightly cockeyed role.”

Kirshen added that every version of Bruce that Kevin plays adds on the last and showcases his range. “Really it’s one and the same, it’s just that the world we’re putting Kevin is different… But the essence of his Batman is there.” And how does Conroy reach that essence of Bruce every time? “The trick to getting into Batman is that seminal moment [of his parent’s death],” the actor explained. “Dealing with that terrible tragedy and not letting it crush him, but [instead] transform him.”

Versatile voice actor Fred Tatasciore discussed portraying a million different characters in LEGO DC Super-Villains, and couldn’t quite pick a favorite. “I’ve always been partial to Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy, and I’m really enjoying King Shark. But all of them.” He gravitated for the first two especially because of their comedy, but he also confessed to wanting a chance to play the Joker some day.

Every time he adds another character to his repertoire, he does his research to “figure out who they were before they became the known villain.” One trick he said he used was “to try to find his soul, and play around with it.” He also explained the audition process, which writer Ring added onto. “We’ve got this idea of what we think it may appear as, and then we get into the studio and actually hear the line of dialogue.” The voice actors adjust the way the creators see the character in a beautiful symbiotic process.

You can learn more about the game’s design in the interview below, and make sure to check it out when it’s released on October 16th!