REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep9 – People Like Us

Fear the Walking Dead returned for its mid-season premiere with a relatively quiet episode, considering it was set in the middle of a storm. We spend time catching up with the characters after the action-filled eve events of the first half of the season. Morgan comes to a big decision, which made me wonder how long the writers really intended for him to stay on the show.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep9 – People Like UsAfter only half a season’s worth of soul-searching and reconnecting with other people, he decided that he needs to go back home, to Rick and everyone else in Alexandria. He finally appreciates that that is where he truly belongs and he invites the rest of the cast to join him. Most are reluctant to leave their current states. June is nursing John back to health and their relationship is on the mend as well. Al continues her quest to document the apocalypse. Our main cast from the first seasons of Fear the Walking Dead are languishing in different stages of grief. Strand is drinking himself to a stupor, Luciana is drowning herself in old records, and Alicia is on some strange mission to find someone who is putting post-its on Walkers.

As he announces his imminent departure, Morgan tries to invite everyone to return with him to Alexandria. He ends up spending the episode with Alicia as they go to an abandoned lumber mill.

Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep9 – People Like UsJune and Al also go to search what is causing the walkers to wash upriver. And Strand and Luciana realize that they need to take their defenses more seriously. All of them are dealing with the loss of Nick in different, not very healthy ways. Morgan still try John in the meantime tries to reach out to the silent Charlie, who is clearly processing some stuff after her killing Nick.

It’s a pretty quiet episode but one that duly gives us a real chance to catch up with the characters and to explore their despair after all the string of events earlier in the season. They had the luxury of finding a relatively stable and safe area that gave them space and time to wallow in their respective sorrows or try to patch up what was broken. There’s a sense of hope still even if they are in the middle of a vicious storm (one of the more creative settings for walkers on Fear the Walking Dead, with walkers getting tossed about in the wind.)

If this is the end of Morgan’s journey on Fear the Walking Dead, it’s a bit of a disappointment because there is so much the that the character can still do for the show and t for the remaining survivors. But in an article on IGN, it seems like he will not be leaving the show just yet and there is still a journey for him to take on the show. Given how much help the char Alicia and the others need at the moment, , his guidance and support would be most welcome.