SDCC 2018: Interviews with the Cast & EPs of ‘ Legends of Tomorrow’

Legends of Tomorrow stole everyone’s hearts last season with a quirky vision for the Waverider and some excellent guest appearances from John Constantine and Beebo. Now that Constantine at least will be a series regular, what else can we expect from this ragtag bunch of misfits? Check out the videos below to learn what the cast and crew had to say about the most lighthearted DCTV show around.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers, formerly Amaya Jiwe until her return to the past, had yet to start filming for her new character on Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 when the interview took place. However, she was able to tease that Charlie “is a magical fugitive[…] who’s come through to this dimension” thanks to Mallus’ death breaking down the magical barrier. “She’s a bit of a rebel trickster,” she added. “Bit of an anarchist. Basically, the Legends have to decide if she’s a friend or a foe.”

How will Amaya’s ex-boyfriend Nate react to seeing a new woman with his lover’s face? “Because [she] loves to play people,” Richardson-Sellers teased. “I think it might be fun if she challenges him on that.” In general, she expressed her joy over playing a character who was “fun and edgy” after two seasons of Amaya being weighed down by destiny. As for what if anything is in store for Amaya herself, the actress confessed she’d like to know the father of Amaya’s child. “If we do meet Amaya again, at what point in her future is she going to be? Has she had children, is she in love?” she wondered.

Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh, Sara Lance and Ray Palmer on Legends of Tomorrow respectively, discussed their ambiguous love lines on the show at the moment. “Ray doesn’t understand what’s happening,” Routh joked about his character’s potential feelings for Nora Darhk. “I think that’s something that’s going to be explored for Ray and Nora this season.” While he first must come to terms with the fact that he let her go, “it’s confusing for Ray because she’s the opposite of everything he should be attracted to.” Sara and Ava, meanwhile, “are in a very good place,” Lotz smiled. “Of course that’s going to get challenged,” she hinted, but at the start of the season they are golden. “Ava and Sara is more than a fling,” she promised.

The Legends won’t be taking any part in the crossover, but both performers were pleased about the addition of Batwoman. But what will change for Sara this season? “She had nothing really to lose before,” the actress said. “And now she has a relationship and feels like for once in her life she’s not a screw-up.” Setting a higher standard for herself and her team suggests that once she realizes that the Legends have caused problems once more it’ll be a little more difficult to cope.

Matt Ryan and Courtney Ford, who will be joining Legends of Tomorrow as series regulars next season, expressed their excitement at playing John Constantine and Nora Darhk full time. When asked what effect their dark and magical ways might have on the show and on each other, Ryan said, “John is someone who’s always out for himself and will sacrifice anyone to achieve that goal […] so it’ll be interesting to see how this dynamic works. “I think Nora is too,” Ford added. Perhaps a devious team-up could be in the works when the other Legends aren’t willing to go the extra mile?

When it comes to Nora’s feelings for Ray, the actress began painting a rather sad picture. “I don’t know how much happiness she’s ever been able to experience,” she explained, which makes Ray’s sunny disposition a shock to her. “He’s kind of like an alien to her, an oddity.” As for the dynamic between the two, Ford was intrigued about where they’ll go. “Maybe he’s on some good guy crusade to save her, so it’ll be interesting to see which side wins.”

Ryan, meanwhile, wants to explore the relationship between John and Sara more. “[It’s] the emotional core of why John comes,” he remarked. “The way he interacts with Mick, they’re both con artists,” also excites him as well as John and Ray exploring magic vs. science.

Nick Zano was joined by EP Phil Klemmer in order to discuss Nate Heywood’s future and Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 more generally. How will Nate cope with his broken heart? “In traditional Legends way, shit gets crazy quick,” Zano hedged. “So you kind of put it in the back burner, but it comes back up.” Aside from romance, the show is going to delve more into Nate’s relationship with his father and the actor was excited for every aspect of the story. “Our first episode is wild. For our 4th season, it feels super fresh.”

Klemmer bemoaned his “terrible habit of killing the greatest people,” but Rip Hunter’s bleakness clashed with Arthur’s joyful nature. He did suggest there’s room for Darvill to return in some form or another, however. Changing Maisie from Amaya to Charlie also came from a similar dilemma. “We came up with the idea for the character before we met the performer, and then we meet her.” Maisie’s spunk led to Klemmer wanting to free her from obligations. “[Charlie] has more in common with Rory this season than anybody else.”

Dominic Purcell and writer Keto Shimizu shared their thoughts on Mick Rory at the start of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4. “It’s back to square one,” Purcell teased. “They’re still running high on that Beebo victory, but there is this underlying question of ‘Are there going to be more [monsters]?'” Shimizu added. The plot revolves around tracking down magical fugitives who have come through the barrier. As for Mick specifically, Purcell said that “the character is fleshed out, it’s done. But there are aspects of his personality that we have not yet explored, and we’re touching on that now.”

One of those aspects may be the things he has in common with newcomer Charlie. Shimizu explained, “They get each other. It’s a cool friendship that we’re really looking forward to building, especially since [Rory] cared so much about Amaya.” On a more general level, Zari’s future will come back “thematically, in terms of how her people were prosecuted.” And, of course, there will most likely be more Beebo. “Let’s be honest, Beebo’s probably gonna be into anything,” she teased about his love life. “Sheebo or Heebo.” Finally, when it comes to the crossover, “The closest we’re going to get to a crossover is Beebo being on one of the other shows.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW on Monday, October 22nd at 9/8c.