REVIEW: Disney’s Christopher Robin

Disney’s Christopher Robin has officially opened in the United States. Before we begin, PLEASE STAY FOR THE ENTIRE END CREDITS. I can’t stress this enough. Especially if you’re a hardcore Disney music fan. That being said, I will try to make this review as spoiler-free as I can but I can’t guarantee anything. Thank you for stopping by!

I’m not going to lie here. Out of all of the movies I was looking forward to seeing this year, this one topped the list. If you need a break from the crazy in your life, go see this movie. You’ve earned it. Escape for a couple of hours.

Kathryn’s Rating: 8/10


This is not a Winnie the Pooh movie. While Pooh and his friends are in the movie, this is very much a movie about Christopher Robin in his middle life crisis and how he overcomes it. Despite that, it’s still a great family outing and shouldn’t be missed. Just don’t be surprised if your kids aren’t that fascinated with the first act and all of the other adult work-life balance problems going on. They’ll be amused with the second act, however. At least that’s how it was for the kids in my theater.


This movie is a beautiful tribute to A.A. Milne (author) and E.H. Shepard (illustrator). You will notice that from the very beginning, after the Disney Studios logo pops up. It feels like you’re back in the books again. Pay attention to the images and text on your screen. There are so many homages throughout the movie. Your heart will be full. Especially if you grew up with these stories and characters.

I can’t praise Ewan McGregor’s Christopher Robin enough. He leads the amazing cast with a charm and sense of realism like no one else can. You get to know him and his family. You get to know the people he works with and you’ll find yourself rooting for all of them. Except his immediate boss and neighbor. Sometimes you’ll want to punch Mark Gatiss’ Giles Winslow or his obnoxious next door neighbor in the face. But I digress.

There are some things that could have probably been left out but overall, this was a really fun movie. Don’t forget to enjoy the present. One of my favorite quotes is from Hayley Atwell’s character, Evelyn Robin:

Your life is happening now, right in front of you.

That quote defines this movie. So what are you waiting for? We’re going on another expotition!